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Female Urinal With Lid & Handle > BA-7245

Designed with the female anatomy in mind. This urinal is suitable to use at home or in a hospital or nursing environment.These Female Urinals are autoclavable, which means they are suitable to use in a hospital setting. These are shaped and designed for comfort and ease of use. The translucent colour allows for users to see and record urine output using the 1 litre calibrated capacity on the side of the urinal. This type of Urinal can be used whilst the user is sitting, standing or laying down. Featuring a fitted lid it and handle, these features will help prevent any spillages occurring during transportation of the urinal.Use this Female Urinal at home or when travelling. Also suitable to be autoclaved, making it extremely useful for any type of hospital  settings.View our full range of Urine Bottles & Accessories

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Folding Catheter Bag Stand > 380431

This Folding Catheter Bag Stand is a great way to prevent spillages when using a urine drainage bag.The Folding Catheter Bag Stand is designed to hold a catheter bag in place on the stand by two strong clips, while the tube fits into a clip to prevent kinking making this urine bag holder ideal for night use.This versatile catheter bag holder is designed to suit all 2 litre drainage bags and can be used as a self standing or as a bedside hanger. The catheter bag stand can be easily folded for storage and it will also fit into a suitcase or bag so it can be taken with you when travelling.Strong, reliable, robust and easy to use.View our full range of Catheter Bag Stands.

£9.59incl. VAT

Hanging Urine Bottle Holder > VR270C

This hanging Urine Bottle Holder will keep your urinal close to hand and help avoid accidental spillages.The bottle holder is designed to hook onto wood or metal frame beds, bedside drawers and cabinets. It will hold most male, female and unisex urine bottles securely.The Urine Bottle holder is made of polypropylene is autoclavable up to 132 degree CelsiusView our full range of Urinals & Accessories.

£7.19incl. VAT

Male Urinal Bottle With Handle and Lid > BA-7247

Male Urinal Bottle with handle and lid is ideal for travelling or bedside use. This translucent male urinal bottle has a 1 litre calibrated capacity and also a handle and lid. Use for home or when travelling. These urinals are hygienic and can be used whilst sitting, standing or lying down. Featuring a fitted lid, this will help prevent any spillages when travelling or transportation.These are available in packs of one or two. View our full range of Incontinence Aids 

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Male Urinal With Lid - 1 Litre > URINAL-M

This translucent Male Urinal features 1 Litre calibrated capacity and can be autoclaved, making it ideal for hospitals or Nursing/Residential Homes. The lid makes it an ideal travelling companion and reduces the risk of spills or cross contamination. The measuring score which can be clearly seen along the side of the Urinal Bottle makes it easy to record urine output if needed.View our full range of Urinals & Accessories.

£8.39incl. VAT

NuHorizons Urine Leg Bag Straps - Soft Elasticated Urine Leg Bag Straps > NHHP-LBS

Urine Leg Bag Strap to help hold your catheter leg bag securely in place.The purpose of a Urine Leg Bag Strap is to help hold a catheter leg bag securely and safely in position. Providing a comfortable support which will give you freedom to move around freely and safely. These re-usable leg straps ensure a firm grip to your skin without slipping, even when your urine bag is full.You can use these straps to help support leg bag tubing which allows for natural movement without having to worry about catching your tubes, which could result in spillages or bursts of your catheter bag. It also helps reduce tension on the urethra or bladder neck. The soft stretchy material used to make these versatile leg bag straps are washable and can stretch from 42cm up to approximately 65cm. The depth is a discreet 2.5cm. Fastening using a hook and loop technique . This range of leg bag straps are from our new brand of NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. Made right here in the UK, using the best materials on the market. Available in packs of 2, 4 or 10. View our full range of Incontinence Accessories 

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VernaGel - Super Absorbent Powder > 456MA475

VernaGel is a super absorbent polymer which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids, whilst still being able to be disposed of in a safe and efficient way.VernaGel solidifies bodily fluids, this prevents any spillages particularly when the bedpan or bottle is taken from the patient. Cross infection can occur when bodily fluids spill onto beds, floors or onto other patient or equally when bedpans and urinals are taken to the sluice room. Soaking wet beds are not nice to wake up to and the cleaning required can also be very time consuming and inconvenient for the nurse/caregiver. VernaGel solidifies liquids eliminating spillages and splash backs thus increasing patient confidence and protecting the dignity of your patient through the night.Trials carried out in four hospitals confirmed that by preventing spills VernaGel could save an average ward 135 days a year in nurse time and £2,600 a year on laundry costs.View our full range of Daily Living Aids

£10.99incl. VAT