Different Types Of Bed Bumpers At Bayliss Mobility

Are you or your patient at risk of falling out of bed? If so, a bed bumper might be the perfect solution. Bed bumpers are used for all different kinds of reasons and purposes. The main purpose is to help prevent the patient from injury whilst they sleep. They also prevent accidental falls out of bed and keep the patient in place. Bed bumpers can reduce potential limb entrapment and keep patients from coming into contact with any sharp or hard objects that may be present around the bed. The gaps in between profiling beds can be a potential risk hazard. It can lead to patients injuring themselves on the hard rail surface or even trap their limbs as they sleep. A bed bumper can help prevent these problems. 

At Bayliss Mobility we have a huge range of bed bumpers available including all round protection bed bumpers, fleece bed bumpers, mesh bed rail bumpers and more. In this blog you will learn the different types of bed bumpers we offer here at Bayliss Mobility in Bridlington. 

All Round Protection Bed Bumper

The all round protection adult bed bumpers cover the side rails, headboard and footboard. The extra cushioning and heavily quilted material helps prevent patient injury. Our all round protection bed bumpers are made from a breathable material to avoid asphyxiation, which is ideal for patients who are unable to turn themselves back if they get stuck against the bumper. The connected bed bumper is identical to the standard bed bumper but comes with an additional link sheet attached to close the gap between the bed rail and bed frame to further avoid entrapment. These are designed to fit the full length of  a profile bed to provide full protection. Ideal to use in a hospital or nursing home setting. 

Full Length Cot Side Bumper 

Full length cot side bumpers ensure safety by providing padding either side of the bed, reducing the danger of becoming trapped or injured. These are highly beneficial for the elderly or those who have disability or health problems. Cot side bumpers are designed to fit on the side of profiling beds to prevent injury, entrapment, and provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for the user. 

Profiling beds can be manually or electronically adjusted to make you feel as comfortable as possible, whilst it also reduces the risk of injury to carers. While there are many advantages of profiling beds, it can prevent a risk of entrapment. 

Wrap Around Bedside Bumper

Our connected wrap around cot side bumper is ideal if someone you care for is at risk of falling out of bed. These are an effective bedroom aid to keep them safe whilst they sleep. Closing the gap between the cot rail and the bed frame, bed bumpers are designed to stop any limbs from accidentally falling through the rails and causing patient entrapment. These bed bumpers are designed to connect or wrap around side rails for beds using a spongy base sheet. This sheet connects the two cot side bumpers to form a safety net. It's a practical way to ensure the user is secure whilst they are in bed. 

Fleece Bed Bumpers 

Our fleece cot side bumper is an ideal bedroom aid for patients who suffer from fits or those who don't have full control of their own mobility, and may get stuck against cot side rails. Our fleece bed bumper is made from deep pile Polyester fleece. The full length fastening technique helps to stop a patient's leg or arm becoming stuck in the rails. The fleece bed bumper is air permeable which allows air to flow through the fleece freely. This is ideal for those who don't have full control of their mobility because it allows the user to breathe freely if they ever caught in these situations, reducing the risk of asphyxiation. Patients aware of this will feel safer and more comfortable using this type of bed rail bumper. 

Head Or Foot Padded Bed Rails  

Head and foot padded bed rails for adults help prevent injury, entrapment and provide extra safety for active patients when using hospital profile beds. It also protects the user from the hard head or foot boards. The material used for our head and foot bed rail is breathable to prevent asphyxiation and is fire retardant. The head or foot padded bed rails can be used in conjunction with side bumpers for complete, all-round protection on the patients profiling bed. 

Mesh Bed Rail Bumpers

The mesh bed rail bumper with net inserts will provide ultimate protection for the user and prevent patient entrapment or self injury. Our mesh bed rail bumpers feature net inserts which are centred between the bed rails which helps improve visibility for the user and reduces the feeling of entrapment. This is an ideal bed bumper for those who suffer with Claustrophobia. Using these cot bumpers will add security and comfort for the user. 

Net Bed Rail

Our net bed rails on your profiling bed are designed to aid the changing of a patient's body position. This is particularly useful for patients with a disability or mobility difficulties and can also help to prevent pressure sores. Our two rail bed bumpers are connected with a net base to help protect patients from injury and entrapment. Top and bottom pads are connected by a strong see-through, breathable net that 'concertinas' to save space when the sides are lowered. 

Connected Adult Cot Side Bumper 

Our connected adult cot side bumpers incorporate a highly permeable base sheet which connects the two bumpers and forms a safety net to contain the patient inside the bed and bumpers. Many elderly patients or those with disability or mobility challenges find it beneficial to sleep in a cot or profiling bed. With adjustable heights, removable sides and the option to adjust it to meet their comfort requirements, it's a handy bedroom aid. 

If you think a bed bumper will benefit you or your patient, take a look at our complete range of Adult Bed Bumpers.

If you would like more information regarding the adult bed bumpers we have feel free to contact us. 

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