Benefits Of Using A Wheelchair Cushion

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wheelchair Cushion? 

Your wheelchair is an essential part of your independent lifestyle. A wheelchair cushion is a very important accessory for your wheelchair and has many benefits. Cushions are designed to be comfy but a wheelchair cushion has more benefits than just being comfortable. Using a wheelchair all the time can be quite painful but have you considered a wheelchair cushion? If you're a frequent wheelchair user and you're considering buying a wheelchair cushion, you may as well splash out on a luxurious wheelchair seat cushion because it's important to equip yourself with the right wheelchair cushion to stay comfortable. 

A wheelchair cushion improves your posture and can also help relieve lower back pain. It can prevent pressure sores, ulcers and helps improve your overall movement and function. You will need to think about which cushion would be best for your abilities or conditions. Choosing a cushion that's not right for you can lead to discomfort. Wheelchair cushions are available in different designs and are made from different materials from foams to gels. Foam cushions tend to be more affordable but can lose their shape quicker however gel cushions provide better pressure distribution but require more maintenance. If you spend a lot of time on your wheelchair, your cushion must be able to absorb heat. A gel cushion would be beneficial as they have cooling benefits. It is important to look at individual cushions rather than the type of cushion when choosing the best one for you.

What Are Pressure Sores?

60% of wheelchair users report a sore during their lifetime. Pressure sores are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when prolonged periods of uninterrupted pressure cuts off the circulation to vulnerable parts of the body. Without adequate blood flow, the affected tissue dies. People who need to stay in a wheelchair for a long time are at greater risk of developing pressure sores. You can prevent pressure sores by sitting on a foam or gel cushion that fits your wheelchair. Another way you can prevent pressure sores is by moving or lifting yourself to take the pressure off areas that have been under pressure. If possible, you should try reposition yourself every hour. If you are unable to move yourself, ask your caregiver to routinely move you to reduce pressure. 

It's estimated 95% pressure sores are preventable. So, if you're considering buying a wheelchair cushion then we have a range of Trulife cushions available. 

Trulife's Relax Range Cushions

Trulife's Relax range of seating solutions offer a wide variety of pressure relieving cushions for wheelchair users and people of restricted mobility who are at increased risk of developing pressure sores. The range has been designed to distribute weight and provide exceptional pressure relief and optimum comfort at an affordable cost, bringing a better quality of life to the user. Every interaction between cushion and human is unique. Trulife's wheelchair cushions is a great addition to your wheelchair. Below we take a look at some of Trulife's wheelchair cushions available, along with their benefits. 

Trulife's Easy wheelchair cushion is fully rotational and is the ideal pressure relieving cushion for use in a nursing home environment. This particular cushion has a layer of FloGel sandwiched between an upper and lower level of viscoelastic foam. This combination of pressure relieving FloGel and viscoelastic foam facilities effective pressure re-distribution while allowing the patient to immerse themselves comfortably into the cushion. 

Trulife's Duo Profile wheelchair cushion has a pre contoured surface offering leg and hip alignment. It benefits from a three layered design giving stability, comfort and pressure distribution. The base is fast recovery foam/ memory foam and the top layer is Medical Grade Silicone. Silicone gel has a positive affect on skin temperature and is highly durable. 

Trulife's GelCell wheelchair cushion is a unique combination of Air and Silicone Gel (TruGel) offering pressure relief and comfort. This is made up of 3 layers of polyurethane film making it highly durable and difficult to puncture. The silicone based TruGel enhances pressure re-distribution, minimises the effects of shear and friction, is impact dampening and also has a positive effect on skin temperature. 

You can visit our website to view our range of Trulife. We also have a huge variety of other wheelchair cushions you can view on our website or in store. 

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