Dining With Dementia

Many people with dementia find eating and drinking quite challenging. They may struggle concentrating or sitting at a table to eat a meal. It's important for those with dementia to have a good dining experience because it can have a positive effect on their health. There are many ways to help improve the overall dining experience for someone living with dementia, including the tableware used, the dining room set up and the environment. 


Some people with dementia may experience sight difficulties which makes it harder for them to see the food placed in front of them. Placing pale coloured food on bright coloured plates will help the food stand out. Our range of Harfield plates come in a variety of bright colours which enables the food to stand out. This can result in higher calorie intake as they will be able to identify the food given. We also have a range of cutlery, bowls and tumblers available in a variety of different colours to allow it to stand out and allow the user to identify the different types of cutlery.  

Our selection of Harfield tableware can also encourage independent living. The high sided plates offer extra support for those who have limited mobility or difficulties during meal times as food can be scooped without falling off the plate. Plates with a lip around the edge can also prevent spillages. Two handled cups and mugs provide extra stability whilst drinking to prevent any spillages and the wide handled cups make it easier to hold. 

The Dining Room Set Up

It's important the dining room is well lit so the person can see what food is in front of them. A shiny surface can cause confusion by producing shadows and reflections, using a tablecloth can overcome this issue. The tablecloth should be a different colour to the plate and avoid any patterns so the plate is easy to identify. Make sure to keep the table free from clutter to avoid confusion. Only place the utensils needed to avoid any further confusion. Limiting decorations and ornaments can also prevent any distractions. 

The Environment 

Some people find it uncomfortable eating around other people so it's important they are able to enjoy their meal independently. Others prefer to eat with company which can encourage them to eat as they feel more comfortable and safe eating with someone. Playing soft background music can create a relaxing environment or switching off any loud unnecessary sounds such as the TV can prevent any distractions and allow them to focus on their meal. Keeping the environment similar for every meal can help them remember the routine. Overall, creating a relaxing environment can greatly improve their dining experience. 

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