Benefits Of Adding A Stairlift To Your Home

Stairs can be quite difficult to tackle for seniors or those with limited mobility. Those who find it difficult often find the best option is to relocate, whether it's downsizing to a bungalow or moving to assisted living. Any of these options can be very costly. This is where stairlifts come in handy. They allow you to get around your home with ease, without the need to relocate and spend a fortune. You may be wondering how a stairlift can benefit you? Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a stairlift to your home if you struggle with stairs. 

Affordable Option 

As mentioned above, adding a stairlift is one of the most affordable options. It doesn't require you to relocate or pay large monthly fees for assisted living. Moving house can be very stressful so it can add stress you don't need. There are many stairlifts available such as straight or curved so you will likely find one suitable for your home. If your stairs are too narrow and a seat won't fit, an alternative option is the stand up stairlift which also allows you to get upstairs quickly and easily. The controls can be installed at your preferred side whether you're left or right handed. If multiple people are using the stairlift, some stairlifts have a remote which allows the stairlift to return to the top of the stairs so the other person can use the stairlift vice versa. Stairlifts are designed to be economical and to run at a relatively low cost so you don't have to worry about the cost of running the stairlift. 

They Are Safe

A stairlift prevents accidents for those who struggle using the stairs and provides a safer way to get around the house. They have a railing installed for extra safety so there's no chance of falling. Most stairlifts are designed with a foldable seat so it doesn't get in the way of other people who are using the stairs. Make sure the stairs are clear of items which may cause the stairlift to stop. If the stairlift is well maintained and serviced regularly, it will ensure the stairlift is safe to use and reduce the chance of breakdown. 

Easy To Operate

Stairlifts are easy to operate which is a bonus. Take a seat, strap yourself in and you're ready to go at the press of a button. There's a number of seat options available such as a swivel seat, height adjustable seat or a tilting seat to allow the user to enter and exit safely. Stairlift batteries charge when it's parked so you never need to worry about charging it and is ready to use straight away. High quality stairlift batteries are long lasting and shouldn't need to be replaced regularly. There's also no need to worry if there's a power cut because battery powered stairlifts often have a backup battery. 

Regain Your Freedom  

A stairlift is a great way to regain your freedom. You won't need to rely on someone to help you get up the stairs, you can do this independently. Stairs can sometimes prevent you from using certain rooms in your house such as the basement or the top half of your house because it might be too difficult to get to those areas. A stairlift will give you easy access to those areas in you home. It will also help your family and friends relax because it will give them piece of mind knowing you can get up the stairs safely on your own. With the help of a stairlift you can regain your independence.

Can Be Installed Outside

In case you wasn't aware, stairlifts can be installed outside your home. Some homes are built with steps leading up to the front door which isn't ideal for someone who struggles getting up the stairs. Instead of moving house you can get a stairlift installed outside to help you get to your front door. This is also ideal if you have steps leading to your garden that you struggle with because a stairlift can give you easy access to your garden. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices can vary because it all depends on the type of stairlift you go for. There are so many variables including the stairs you have, whether they're straight or curved, the different seat options and the stairlift company you choose. If you're curious on the price why not visit us at Bayliss Mobility in Bridlington and we will guide you in the right direction for your free stairlift quotation. 

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