Helpful Disability Aids and Equipment for Hassle-Free Travel

There are 101 reasons for why you should travel the world, but these usually boil down to expanding your perspective, meeting new people and learning new skills.

While having a disability may bring challenges on your adventure, it does not have to limit you from taking the leap. With plenty of research, organisation and self-belief, everyone can discover those 101 reasons for themselves.

To help you on your journey, here are our suggested disability aids and equipment options to assist you with hassle-free travel.

Wheelchair Accessories

Travelling in a wheelchair can be a demanding experience, but we have a huge selection of wheelchair accessories to ensure that your wheelchair is doing all it can to make your life easier.


From offering different cushion shapes and sizes to memory foam armrests, we have many products designed to keep you as comfortable as possible on your travels.

Wheelchair Gel Cushion is also a versatile addition to your travels because, as well as providing extra comfort for a wheelchair, it can be used in a car and for sitting around your accommodation. The removable gel insert will keep your cool in warmer weather and help to spread your weight for greater comfort and support, which helps to reduce the risk of pressure sores when sat for prolonged periods.


While travelling, you (and your carer) will no doubt want to carry more while keeping your hands free, which is where a wheelchair bag comes in useful. Our Deluxe Lined Wheelchair Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly onto the rear of most standard wheelchairs and provides multiple zipped storage spaces, which are ideal for larger or small items such as jackets, shopping, medication, money, identification and snacks.

The Visibag for a wheelchair is a stylish, strong and spacious wheelchair bag that has many uses. The fluorescent panels will ensure other people see you whether it's day or night. 

With travel comes unpredictable weather, so be prepared at all times with a Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho. This lightweight garment is 100% waterproof and will provide you and your wheelchair with head-to-toe protection.

Incontinence Aids

When we put ourselves into new experiences (particularly when travelling), we, of course, want to feel as secure and confident as possible. Incontinence can be difficult to deal with, especially on flights and during activities where we feel we don’t have control over when and where we can use the bathroom. However, if you prepare for your holiday with the following, it’s easy to keep those surprises at bay.

Disposable and washable incontinence pads are of tremendous value to those who need them, and our wide range on offer means that you should be able to find a product that meets your needs. From pads and washable pants to bariatric diapers, we have something for everyone.

To protect you against accidents or leakage at night, pack a couple of waterproof fitted sheets — they’re designed to look and feel like ordinary bedding, yet they offer complete mattress protection. Ensure you pack reliable incontinence aids so you can enjoy every moment without worrying.

 At Bayliss Mobility, we genuinely care about the needs of our customers. Our online mobility shop is designed to help the disabled community find the equipment they need to improve their daily lives. Shop our wide range of mobility products today.

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