Mobility Scooter Accessories

If you have difficulty getting around without assistance, a mobility scooter is truly a game changer. Being able to move around independently, without the terrain limitations of a traditional wheelchair, opens new doors and can present an enormous boost to the quality of life of those who need mobility assistance.

Like any traditional vehicle, mobility scooters are enjoyed best when personalised. As it’s a cornerstone to your mobility, odds are that you probably spend a significant amount of time in one. Equip yours with all the mobile scooter accessories you need to seize the reins of your mobility.

Bags for Storage

The utility of a storage bag on your scooter is undeniable. From food shopping to keys and other personal effects, it’s always handy to have a bag nearby. When they’re combined with your mobility scooter, bags can mean a lot more than just a place to store your things.

One great example is the Mobility Scooter Saddle Bag, which offers panniers on either side of the rider for convenient, ample storage space designed to fit a variety of scooters. Having your belongings stored within reach on either side of you is especially important if you require extra mobility assistance.

If saddle bags aren’t your style, you can pursue a more traditional storage option. The High Visibility Mobility Scooter Bag is an excellent place to keep your effects and, as it’s in a bright neon yellow colour, it also adds an element of safety, allowing you to be visible regardless of light conditions.

Better Tyres

Any vehicle that rolls on wheels can benefit from improved tyres. From additional traction to puncture proofing, an upgraded tyre set can help expand where you can go on your mobility scooter and the confidence you have getting there.

The Mobility Scooter Puncture Proof Tyre Set is extremely functional. With its rubber compound filling, these tyres are completely puncture-proof, which is especially important if you require mobility assistance, where changing a flat tyre can be difficult.

While a flat can be a headache for anyone, it could be a particular nightmare for someone with mobility needs. With a puncture proof tyre set, you can travel where you like, without worrying what you might be passing over.

Security System

As with most vehicles, mobility scooters are a valuable asset and an opportunistic thief might take advantage of your absence to steal your scooter. Whether you’re popping in for a quick doctor’s appointment or stepping into the bank, leaving your scooter unattended risks it being tampered with or — even worse — taken.

That’s why you should consider an alarm when you’re shopping for mobile scooter accessories. A loud alarm offers peace of mind when you have to leave your scooter to run errands, as it acts as a loud deterrent that attracts attention to the actions of whoever might attempt to take your mobility device.

Make the Most out of Your Scooter with Mobility Scooter Accessories

Your scooter is a foundation of your independence. It helps you get around quickly and confidently, and is a great aid for many daily tasks. This means it deserves to be outfitted with the best gear to maximise its utility.

If you’re interested in making the most out of your mobility scooter, check out Bayliss Mobility’s range of scooter accessories today!

Sammie KershawEditor