Toilet Aids

Many people might take for granted just how difficult going to the bathroom can be for those with mobility issues. It’s not an easy process and it requires a great deal of care to make it a safe, comfortable experience. Adding to the complications, it’s not a topic everyone feels comfortable discussing, making it embarrassing to ask for assistance.

It may be a more sensitive topic, but going to the bathroom is just as essential a part of independence as eating, walking or dressing. For those who require mobility assistance, access to the right toilet aids is an extremely important part of them being able to go about their day with comfort and confidence.

From helping someone on or off the toilet, to making the experience more comfortable, there are a range of tools available that make the bathroom experience easier for those who require mobility assistance. Here are a few must-have toilet aids:

Getting on and Off the Toilet with Confidence

For people who have issues with mobility, the simple act of getting on and off the toilet isn’t just uncomfortable — it can also be incredibly dangerous. This is compounded because bathrooms are often tiled and become slippery when wet — a near inevitability after taking a shower.

There are many ways to improve this experience with toilet aids, depending on the level of assistance required. The first and most essential is a simple handrail, like the Economy Drop Down Toilet Rail. It offers support when using the bathroom facilities, if you struggle to raise up and down when using the toilet. 

Depending on the height of your toilet, additional help might be required. This next type of toilet aid will make getting on and off the toilet easier. The Senator Raised Toilet Seat elevates the seat to ease the challenges of getting safely on and off the toilet. It’s even adjustable to match the exact height you require.

For those who require further assistance using the toilet, there are many great options available to maximise comfort and safety. 

Toilet Aids for Catheter Users

Some individuals require a catheter to urinate, which adds an additional level of complexity to the bathroom routine. Luckily, there are toilet aids available for catheter users as well. When hanging a catheter bag, it’s important for users to ensure it’s secure and discreet — especially when it’s hung in the bedroom. Catheter bag hangers are designed to facilitate these requirements and ensure a positive toilet experience for everyone.

The Catheter Bag Hanger is made to be as secure as it is discreet, making it suitable for hanging in the bedroom.

Toilet Aids for Every Need

Everyone needs to use the toilet. But, for people who require mobility assistance, it can be an uncomfortable, difficult and even dangerous ordeal. That’s why helpful toilet aids have been developed to help people navigate their bathroom, use the toilet and more.

Are you looking to improve your toilet experience? Don't wait- check out our range of toilet aids and see how much more confident and comfortable you can be. Contact us for more information. 

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