Ways To Prevent Mobility Scooter Theft

Mobility scooters can be an expensive purchase so you'll likely be thinking "how do I prevent my mobility scooter from being stolen?"

In the last 18 months more than 20,000 mobility scooters have been reported stolen in the UK. For most mobility scooter owners this is their worst nightmare. It's hard to believe someone can take something so easily from someone who needs it the most, but unfortunately this does happen if it's not stored securely, so in this blog I talk about ways you can prevent this from happening.

Don't Forget To Remove Your Key 

Don't forget to remove your key! You might think well, that's obvious, but many people do forget to remove the key. Leaving the key in the scooter gives a thief a perfect chance to steal. Keys can be quite small so buying a keyring might be a good idea if you're likely to forget. It will make it stand out and should remind you to take it.

Scooter Alarm 

Fitting a scooter alarm to your mobility scooter is ideal. Scooter alarms are affordable and easily fitted onto your scooter so if someone does attempt to take your scooter, it will make a loud noise and bring attention to the thief to prevent them from stealing your scooter.

Install A Tracker  

If you have a mobile phone, it would a good idea to install a tracker to your scooter. If your scooter goes missing you can easily track it on your phone. A tracker won't prevent the scooter from being stolen but at least you can track its whereabouts and get it back. Don't install the tracker in an obvious place. If you don't own or struggle to use a mobile phone, it is definitely worth asking someone you trust to help. This has helped so many people get their mobility scooters back. 

Keep Your Scooter Locked

You should keep your scooter locked at all times. Even if you're leaving the scooter for a few minutes, you must make sure it's locked. Lock it securely to a fence or railing but make sure it won't cause an obstruction. Most mobility scooters have a freewheel setting and when this is on, it unlocks the motor which allows you to push the scooter along. You can invest in wheel clamps to stop someone from pushing your scooter along whilst it's in freewheel. A lock or wheel clamp is a great affordable solution. 

Storing Your Scooter

Always think about where you'll be storing your scooter before you buy it. A mobility scooter will last longer if it stays protected from the weather. We would always recommend storing your scooter inside if possible in a place where you can put the battery on charge. Taking your scooter in your house is not always an option. Ideally you should store your mobility scooter in a secure location such as shed or garage, preferably where there is a power supply for charging. Charging your scooter is really important so if you have a garage with no power supply/ plug sockets, it might be worth installing. If you don't have a shed or garage to store your scooter then you need to make sure it is covered. At Bayliss Mobility we provide a range of storage covers for your mobility scooter to stay protected from the weather. 

Insuring Your Mobility Scooter 

Finally, you should consider insuring your mobility scooter. Some insurers will not cover the scooter if it is left unattended without an alarm or lock so make sure you're aware of what your policy covers. It won't prevent it from being stolen but can cover the vehicle if the worst was to happen.  

So, there's a few tips you should take away with you. You should certainly consider all of these points before buying a mobility scooter to prevent it from being stolen. If you do have any questions feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. 

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