What Is a Coccyx Cushion? Lower Back Pain Prevention and Relief

Tailbone, lower back and leg pain can all be relieved with the regular use of a simple cushion while sitting. Here, we will talk you through the reasons why you should consider using a coccyx cushion.

Coccyx (tailbone) pain is very common and can come about after a fall; an acute medical crisis, such as a tumour or bone break; pregnancy or even through no identifiable cause.

This type of pain can be severe and limit the sufferer’s ability to complete simple daily tasks. Even walking to the kitchen to make a cup of tea can become very difficult for those with acute coccyx pain.

Furthermore, tailbone pain can lead to inactivity in a position that is less uncomfortable — this is usually a seated position — but means you stretch out awkwardly.

Sitting in a contorted position like this for extended periods can begin to cause muscle strain in other parts of the body, including the lower back and legs.

What Is a Coccycx Cushion?

An effective way to alleviate coccyx pain is to regularly use a coccyx cushion while seated. This daily living aid is one of many types of pressure relief cushions designed for pain relief and preventative measures.

Coccyx cushions are designed to take much of the user’s weight off of their tailbone, giving them much-needed pain relief. It can also prevent the worsening of lower back and leg pain by helping the user to sit with better posture.

As you can see, a typical coccyx cushion has a cut-out at the back that allows the user’s weight to be evenly distributed while seated but with all weight taken off of the tailbone.

How Do I Use a Coccyx Cushion?

When using a coccyx cushion, it’s important that you sit upright, with good posture, on a seat that has a back. This will give you extra support and ensure that you don’t end up putting undue pressure on other parts of your body while trying to relieve pain in the tailbone area.

You can also put your spine and pelvis under strain if you do not sit up straight, so concentrate on your posture and make it a habit to sit properly.

Ensure that the coccyx cushion is pushed into the back of the chair, and when you sit down, make sure you sit on the centre of the cushion so that your coccyx is positioned centrally, where the cut-out is.

You should ensure that your hips and lower back are pushed into the back of the seat, which will help you to sit straight and spread your weight evenly.

We also recommend that you do not use any other cushions underneath a coccyx cushion, as your weight likely won’t be spread evenly. In some cases, like when you’re sat on a sofa, this isn’t possible, as the entire seat is a cushion, but where possible, you should put your coccyx cushion directly onto a hard surface.

As your coccyx cushion will raise you a little higher than usual, if your feet are now raised off the ground, you should consider using a footstool or, if possible, adjusting the height of your chair.

Where Should I Use a Coccyx Cushion?

If you’re suffering from coccyx pain, you should use a coccyx cushion everywhere.

The treatment that a coccyx cushion provides will be far more effective if you’re able to use a coccyx cushion every time you need to sit down.

This may mean positioning a coccyx cushion carefully on your favourite part of the sofa, on your desk chair and even in your car.

Coccyx cushions are relatively inexpensive, and if tailbone pain affects your daily life, it is a wise investment to buy one for each place where you are likely to spend a significant time sitting.

What Else Should I Do with a Coccyx Cushion?

If you’re suffering acute pain, you can use the angle of the wedge-shaped cushion to hold additional pain-relieving items in place.

A coccyx cushion can be used in conjunction with an ice pack or hot pack for added pain relief, for example.

You should also ensure that your cushion is kept as clean as possible. As we recommend those suffering from lower back or tailbone pain to use a coccyx cushion as often as possible, they can get dirty quite quickly.

In most cases, a coccyx cushion has a detachable cover that may be removed and washed individually.

You should also check that the shape of your coccyx cushion has not warped after repeated use. This type of cushion is made of heavy-duty foam, but even the most durable foam with begin to show signs of wear after a long period of repeated use.

Once a coccyx cushion becomes worn in this way, it becomes less effective, and a new cushion should be used in its place.

If you suffer tailbone, lower back or leg pain, you should consider using a coccyx cushion. You can also browse our complete range of pressure relief cushions at Bayliss Mobility. 

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