Reasons To Shop Locally For Mobility Products Vs Online

Do you shop online or do you prefer to shop locally for your mobility products? Online shopping is convenient and you can even do it in your pyjamas but there are many reasons why you should shop locally for mobility products instead. Some people think they are getting better deals when they shop online vs in-store but what you pay for is what you get. If you find products cheaper online then the quality is likely to be worse than the quality of products you find in shops. When you shop locally you will usually find a better quality product that will last longer. Here are reasons why you should shop locally for mobility products: 

  • You Know What You're Getting 

If you shop locally, you can see the product 'in person' so you know exactly what you're buying. When shopping online you only have a few pictures to look at and you can't be certain the seller took the photos themselves. You may be buying something that doesn't look like the photos. It's also difficult to check the quality of the product when viewing online. Shopping locally is certainly more trustworthy and if there are any problems with your purchase then the shop is only a few doors away. It's also safer to shop locally because when shopping online there is a higher risk of scammers so there's a risk of receiving a different item/ potentially not receiving the item at all.

  • Customer Service And After Care 

When you shop online you won't receive the customer service and after care like you do in shops. When you shop locally you can chat to a member of the team who can guide you in the right direction. Especially in the mobility industry it's better to speak to someone face to face who can find a product that is suitable for you or your loved one. Local shops often stock up on inventory based on customer's choices rather than popular trends. Here at Bayliss Mobility we have the perfect example for this. Customers who require certain products every month such as incontinence will often find we stock the products they repeatedly buy because we know our customer needs that specific product. 

  • You Can 'Try Before You Buy' 

As I mentioned earlier, when you're shopping online you don't 100% know what you're getting, anything could turn up. At least when you shop in person you can test the product yourself, check the quality and take that product home. At Bayliss Mobility we have a huge range of scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs so you should find one suitable for you. We allow you to test drive our products so you can find the right one for you. Even if the colour isn't your taste we can usually order it in the colour you would like, but at least you get a feel for the products before making a purchase. We can sometimes refuse to sell you a product that isn't right for you, for example, if you're testing one of our mobility scooters and you're not in full control it can be a danger to you and others. However, we will recommend something that will be more suitable, such as a scooter with arm rests or an alternative product. Some sellers are only bothered about a sale but we care about finding the right product for you. When shopping online you don't know if the product is safe for you or not. 

  • Get "In Person" Advice

When you shop locally there's always a staff member in the store to help so you can speak to someone face to face to discuss a certain product or to get some friendly advice. Sometimes your doctor may advise you to buy a certain product but when looking online it's difficult to find a product you know will be suitable for you, so shopping locally is handy because you have staff there to guide you in the right direction. If you're shopping online and have any queries you will either have to call or send an email but you won't always get an immediate response like you do in store, which gives the product more time to sell out. When shopping locally after speaking to a staff member they're likely to have the product you need in stock so you don't miss out. Shopping locally gives you the opportunity to meet new people and build a relationship with the store owners.

  • Delivery Costs And Returns

In most cases, when buying a mobility scooter online you will usually have to build the scooter yourself whereas if you buy from a shop it's already made up and ready to go. You may find the product is cheaper online but you will also find that there's a huge delivery cost. If the product isn't suitable for you or you're not happy with the product there will probably be a huge delivery cost to return to the online seller whereas if you've bought the item from a shop you can pop back to the store to return the item free of charge. Mobility scooters, powerchairs or wheelchairs are very large items to return so only some couriers will accept such a large item and it can be very costly. When shopping locally you can build that trust with the brand and you know where to find them if there are any problems. 

  • Help To Support Local Businesses 

When shopping locally you are supporting local businesses. You are contributing to your local community because your money goes straight back into your community rather than supporting a huge chain, meaning local businesses are more likely to suffer. A lot of local businesses source their inventory from the UK meaning less transportation which is better for the environment. At Bayliss Mobility some of our products are made in our warehouse right here in the UK. Local businesses are usually owned by people who live locally so they're less likely to leave and are invested in improving your community. Help your community to thrive! 

If you can't get to your local shop they often have a telephone number you can call so they can help you over the phone.At Bayliss Mobility we offer local delivery and free demos so if you would like us to come to your house so you can test some of our products feel free to get in touch. 

There you have it, lots of reasons why you should be shopping locally for your mobility products vs online, there are lots more reasons too. Lets spread the word to help local businesses by sharing this blog with friends and family. We hope to see you soon at Bayliss Mobility in Bridlington. 

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