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26" Folding Reacher Grabber > VM901-26-F

This 26" Folding Reacher picks up objects without the need for bending or rising from a chair or bed.Folding Reachers are a practical aid to have around. Either at home or when out and about. This particular reacher folds in half so ideal to take with you in your bag on days out or when travelling. Store easy at home when not in use to help prevent any trips or falls that Reacher lying around could cause.Ideal for those with arthritis, poor grip or poor mobility. This aid will help you at home in the kitchen, in your bedroom and even on days out.Using the easy two finger trigger action, the serrated jaws provide a firm grip for lifting. Whilst the magnet allows for easy retrieval of metal objects such as keys. Also features a clip, which will allow you to clip your grabber onto a walking frame. 26" Folding Reacher measures 26" in length and 14" when folded.View our full range of Reaching Aids.

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Adult Disability Dining Set - Full Set Of Dining Aids And Easy Grip Cutlery > HK-4002

The Adult Disability Dining Set if a complete set of Eating and Drinking Aids to those who have difficulty during meal times.This is a complete Disability Dining Set to aid those who have difficulty when eating and drinking. Or for those who may have poor or weakened grip, suffer with Arthritis or Parkinson's. Or only have the use of one hand.This set comprises of:Scoop Plate and Scoop Bowl - These both have suction bases with shaped sides to assist when dining. The suction base will prevent the aid from slipping or sliding. And the scooped edge will provide a lip when scooping food to the edge. These are especially useful to those with the use of only one hand.Plate Surround - This Plate Surround will fit plates with  8" to 10" diameter. This aid also provides a lip to help get food onto your utensil. The Plate Surround is made from plastic and is quite flexible but sturdy. Easily clips onto the edge of your plate.Suction Based Egg Cup - These egg cups are just like ordinary egg cups but with a suction base. This is simply to prevent your cup from sliding when your eating your egg and soldiers.Nosey Cup - Nosey Cups are ideal for those who have difficulty tilting their heads when drinking. The cut out makes accommodation for your nose, helping you reduce the need to tilt or bend you head and neck.Feeder Beaker With Two Lids - These beakers are supplied with one narrow and one wide spouted lid. The Narrow Spouted lid is suitable to use with think liquids such as water and juice and is similar to a 'sippy cup'. Small amounts of fluid intake at each sip. The Wide Spouted Lid is more compatible for thicker liquids such as pureed food or soups.(OPTIONAL) Large Handled Cutlery Set - A four piece cutlery set compromising of a Knife, Fork, Table Spoon and Teaspoon. All of which feature a large 'easy grip' ribbed handle. These are ideal for those with weak or poor grip due to Arthritis, Parkinson's or limited dexterity problems.This Disability Dining Set is available in either Red or White. The Optional Cutlery Set is available with either Red or Black handles. View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids 

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Aidapt - Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho > VA127-1

This Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho is the ideal garment to provide head to toe protection for you and your wheelchair.Aidapts Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho is a great rain cover to use whilst using your Mobility Aid. The neckline zip means you can take this on or off with ease and the hood offers extra protection from all of the elements. 100% waterproof, this garment will keep you dry head to toe when out and about. Also features handy rear slots to accommodate for the wheelchairs pushing handles. This allows the User to still be able to be pushed by another whilst still wearing this piece of Wheelchair Clothing.A universal sizing with a zip closure you can be sure to stay dry at all times when using this great weather protector. Available in either blue or a fun pink and polka dot pattern, this accessory is made from Polyester with PVC Coating.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing 

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Alerta Gas Lift Overbed Table > ALT-GL-O/W

The Alerta Gas Lift Overbed Table features an easy lift handle to adjust the table height with minimal effort. It is finished in oak or walnut and comes with brakes on the two rear castors.The table has a laminate top and comes with a wheelchair accessible base design. An ideal over table to be used whilst sitting in chairs or whilst in bed. The max weight capacity is 15kg. The height adjustment range is 80-105cm.Table top dimensions is 80 x 40cm. Features rear castors, easy lift height adjustment and won't topple over even with 15kg on top!Please allow 2-3 working days for deliveryView our full range of Bedroom Aids   

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Alerta Mobile Cushion System - Air Cushion > ALT-215/04

The Alerta Mobile Cushion is suitable for those who may be at high risk from developing pressure ulcers when sat for long periods of time.The Alerta Mobile Cushion is a battery powered alternating pressure relieving cushion system for effective prevention and treatment of users up to high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments. Equipped with a long lasting lithium ion battery, in static mode the battery gives a remote operation time of more than 24 hours and in alternating (dynamic) mode, the system can last for at least one day.With simple to use settings and functionality, this enables the care provider to quickly set up the cushion system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease. A highly versatile and cost effective solution which has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines.Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery from date of dispatch.View our full range of Pressure Relief Cushions.

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NewOak With

Alerta Overbed Table > ALT-751

The Alerta Overbed Table provides easy access to everyday conveniences for users seated in a bed, chair or wheelchair. It is finished in oak or walnut and comes with or without castors. The table has a laminate top with two adjusting points which allows both height and tilt adjustment and comes with raised edges to prevent items slipping off.The Alerta Overbed is a simple solution for those who enjoy working or eating from their bed. Useful for individuals who require extra support and comfort. Provides the user with a smooth flat surface allowing them to eat, work and hold their personal belongings when in bed. Users can alter them from any angle they desire and adjust accordingly to their needs. Additionally, users can enjoy more control and be more autonomous.Available in colours Oak or Walnut and available WITH castors or WITHOUT castors Please note delivery may take up to 2-3 days. View our full range of Bedroom Aids 

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Bariatric Riser Recliner Chair (POA)

Our Bariatric chair is a specially designed riser recliner chair built to offer comfort, luxury and rise and recline support to weights of up to 70st with an impressive 24 stone leg lift capability.The Bariatric by Rise & Recline is extra wide and perfect for the larger individual. The cleverly designed lifting mechanism brings the user into a standing position in a controlled and steady manner, making our Bariatric riser recliners perfect for those who require steady movement. The Bariatric Riser Recliner Chair is available with four options of movement, any fabric including leather and made to fit your body for maximum comfort.Please Note - Orders can only be placed over the phone or in store. For more information on availability, price and delivery on this item please contact us 01262 375 050.  RISE RECLINER MOVEMENTSSingle motor tilt-in-spaceWall hugger single motor Standard dual motorTilt-in-space dual motorHeavy duty options availableCHAIR SPECIFICATION OVERVIEW Duvet seat Handset loop Emergency lowering Right or left hand side controls 2 PocketsRise and Recline chairs offer a dynamic range of movements for relaxation and help ease the effects of specific health conditions to suit your individual comfort requirements and the space available.Wall Hugger – A single motor mechanism that need only 4-5″ of clearance behind the chair.Dual Motor – Back & Footrest operated independently by separate motors.Tilt-In-Space Single – Single motor mechanism that maintains angle of the back and seat when reclining and lifting.Tilt-In-Space Dual – A Two way tilt-in-space with the added benefit of a motorised independent back movement.

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Bed Fleece – Pure Wool or Polyester Deep Pile Bed Fleece > WW/HP-Fleeces

These Bed Fleece are made from Pure Wool or Polyester Deep Pile. Available in various Sizes.A Bed Fleece is an ideal product for those with limited movement or are bedridden following illness and post op recuperation. They will add comfort, warmth and help protect against the risk of pressure sores. Made from deep pile Pure Wool or Polyester Fleeces, they have both been used in hospitals and the community for many years. These Bed Fleece will give comfort on bony parts of your body such as your spine base, hips, heels and shoulders.They're easy to wash & dry and are very economical. Available in a range of sizes.View our full range of Bedroom Aids 

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Button Hook & Zip Puller > DA-5135

This button hook is a handy device for securing buttons and fastening zips, the Plastic Handle Button Hook/Zip Pull has a loop hook at one end for buttons and a C hook at the other for zips.It is ideal for people who have limited mobility or the use of only one hand. A dressing aid that helps users with arthritis or a weakened grip to fasten buttons and zippers.View our full range of Dressing Aids.

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Curved Bath Brush & Hair Wash Set > BA-715-45-V1

The Long Handled Curved Bath Brush & Hair Wash Set is a set compromising of two aids to assist you during bathing and showering.This Long Handled Curved Bath Brush and Hair Wash Set is an ideal set for those with poor or limited strength and mobility in their upper body. For those who may have difficulties during bathing and showering to reach, bend, twist or stretch to do the simple task as just washing your hair or your back independently. Curved Bath BrushThis aid features a ergonomically and non slip handle. The extra long curved handle can help to cleanse your back without having to extend your arms backwards. The contoured design of the brush allows easy access to those 'hard to reach' areas such as your back, shoulders and the backs of your lower legs.This Bath Brush also features an additional hanging loop to make storing easy and safe. The head of the brush has soft nylon bristles which will give a thorough yet gentle cleanse whilst independently bathing or showering. The overall length of this Bathing Aid measures 720mm long.Long Handle Hair WashOur Long Handled Hair Wash will assist you with shampooing, conditioning and massaging your hair and scalp. The extra long handle will help prevent you from having to lift your shoulders to carry out the simple task of washing your hair. Or you can use this as a simple head massager, the soft touch, yet firm head will provide a comforting and relaxing massage to help you unwind at the end of the day. The overall length of the Long Handled Hair Wash measures 384mm long.View our full range of Bathing Aids  

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Curved Cutlery - Angled Knife > HA-4360

This range of Curved Cutlery from Shine is ideal for individuals who struggle eating or have difficulties during meal times. This could be due to having weakened grip, Arthritis, Limited Dexterity or other similar conditions.These utensils encourage independent eating and improves control for the user during meal times. The result is that dining will become less of a challenge and a lot more enjoyable.The Angled Curved Knife has the ability to cut food easily, the curve allows the user to use a rocking motion rather than a sawing motion. The contrasting colours are purposely incorporated in the design of this cutlery to help aid those who are visually impaired.Discreet, lightweight and easy to clean. They are suitable for dishwasher cleaning up to a 70 degree wash.We also have Fork and Spoons available with either a left or right hand option. View our full range of Cutlery 

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Deluxe Handy Reacher - 32" > VM901K-D32-V1

The Deluxe Handy Reacher features an improved gripping claw and comfortable handle/trigger.Deluxe Handy Reachers can help to reduce excessive pressure on your back, as sometimes experienced when reaching or bending over. Featuring a convenient magnetized tip for retrieving small metallic items and a 360 degrees rotatable head. These are lightweight with a durable construction making them easy to use. This functional 32" Reacher picks up objects without the need for bending, stretching or rising from a chair or bed.Using the easy to grip trigger action handle, the serrated jaws provide a firm grip for lifting objects, while the magnet allows for easy retrieval of metal objects such as your keys. A very handy tool to have around the house!View our full range of Reaching Aids  

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DUO Ergonomic Clip On Handle > PR65673

The DUO is an innovative ergonomic clip on handle that allows straight walled mugs to be held with both hands without scalding and provides stability and grip.Holding a mug with with two hands increases grip and stability whilst drinking, especially useful for those with weakened grip, limited dexterity or suffer from Tremors. DUO provides this benefit whilst also allowing you to use the same mugs as family or friends. Its compact size will even allow for you to take it with you when going out for a cup of tea or coffee. The wrap around style helps protect hands and fingers from hot mug surfaces, whilst its unique design makes it easy to attach and detach without fuss. The DUO is not intended to replace an original mug handle and you should lift your mug using both handles. Visit our shop and view the full range of Cups & Mugs

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Easy Grip Cutlery > HK-4

This range of Easy Grip Cutlery has been specially designed to aid those with poor grip.This Easy Grip Cutlery features extra large, ribbed handles which make them easier to hold.  The angle of the fork and spoon can be adjusted to suit the individual user. The knife is able to cut through most food with a simple rocking motion.Easy grip cutlery is ideal for people with Arthritis, Neurological Impairments or any dexterity limiting conditions. Simply bend the shaft of the fork and spoons, this will help provide a suitable angle for the user.Available with black handles or red handles to aid those with impaired sight.Choose to purchase as individual pieces of cutlery or as a set of 3 (Knife, Fork & Table Spoon), or as a full set of 4 (Knife, Fork, Table Spoon and Tea Spoon.View our full range of Cutlery from our Eating & Drinking Aids.

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Easy Grip Cutlery > HK-4

This range of Easy Grip Cutlery has been specially designed to aid those with poor grip.This Easy Grip Cutlery features extra large, ribbed handles wh...

Falcon Lightweight Folding Rollator > 130-4802

An incredibly lightweight 4 wheeled rollator weighing in at only 5.5KG.This modern and stylish folding rollator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The simple technique of folding makes it ideal for quick and easy storage or for when travelling. A perfect solution if you use public transport regularly. The Falcon also features a clip which keeps the walker closed when folded, this helps reduce of trips or falls or danger of the walker unfolding whilst in transit.Available in a choice of three colours, the rollator comes complete with padded backrest and a handy shopping bag. If you're feeling tired when walking you can simply put the brakes on and take a seat on the comfortable material seat.View our full range of Walkers & Accessories.

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Fleece Bed Socks >NHHP-FBS

Our Fleece Bed Socks are made from a soft Polyester Fleece and handmade right here in the UK.Fleece Bed Socks are ideal for those who suffer with sore or cracked heels and for those who may be bed bound due to illness, are recuperating from recent surgery or injury.These socks will protect damaged heels and the rest of your foot whilst in bed. They will help keep your feet warm and protected from any friction that bed sheets may cause. Simply place on your feet and fasten with the Hook and Loop fastening which comes across the front of this bed sock. This is adjustable depending on your foot size. If you suffer with water retention in your feet or ankles, these boots are still suitable as you can fasten to whichever is more comfortable for you.Some people generally have cold feet which can be caused by a number of medical reasons:- Diabetes, Nerve Damage (Peripheral Neuropathy), Vitamin Deficiencies or Decreased Circulation. Use these Fleece Bed Socks to help stop your natural body heat escaping, resulting in you having warm feet.This product can also help reduce the risk of pressure sores. Pressure sores can occur when anyone spends a lot of time in one position without moving or turning. If you are bed bound due to illness, recuperating or injury. These are a great aid to wear in bed to help stop pressure occurring on the backs of your feet and heels, which could potentially lead to pressure sores.Or you can simply use these Fleece Bed Socks as a luxury bed sock, when travelling to colder countries or use when camping. These will keep your feet extra toasty! View our full range of Hand & Foot Care Products 

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Fleece Bed Socks >NHHP-FBS

Our Fleece Bed Socks are made from a soft Polyester Fleece and handmade right here in the UK.Fleece Bed Socks are ideal for those who suffer with sore...

Fleece Lined Wheelchair Cosy > VA129SS

The Thermal Wheelchair Leg Cover is the ideal garment to provide protection from the wind and rain for your lower body and features a fleece-lined back panel for extra comfort and warmth.With an extra large full length ring pull zip to ensure easy access and an extended back panel to prevent draughts to your spine, the Thermal Wheelchair Leg Cover can be put on and taken off with ease and is designed to fit virtually all manual wheelchairs.The perfect wheelchair accessory/garment for wheelchair users who require a high degree of independence. This Wheelchair Cosy is made from 100% waterproof fabric with a polyester fleece lining and has elasticated loops to secure it to the pushing handles.The bottom diameter measures 350mm, Front Length measures 1040mm and the Back Length 1450mm. The foot of the cosy is sealed to help keep feet dry at all times.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing.

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Fleece Lined Wheelchair Mac With Sleeves >VA127ST

This Wheelchair Mac with sleeves is the ideal garment to provide head to toe protection for you and your wheelchair, with soft elasticated cuffs on the sleeves to ensure that there is no chaffing on the skin, a neckline zip so the wheelchair Mac can be put on and taken off with ease. Plus an elasticated skirt for a snug fit and drawstring hood with spring clip fastening.The perfect Wheelchair accessory/garment for wheelchair users to require a high degree of independence and self propel their wheelchair; the Wheelchair Mac with sleeves is made from 100% waterproof fabric with a synthetic fleece lining which provides extra warmth and complete protection from all the elements.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing. 

£31.49with VAT relief£37.79incl. VAT