Kitchen Aids

Adult Disability Dining Set - Full Set Of Dining Aids And Easy Grip Cutlery > HK-4002

The Adult Disability Dining Set if a complete set of Eating and Drinking Aids to those who have difficulty during meal times.This is a complete Disability Dining Set to aid those who have difficulty when eating and drinking. Or for those who may have poor or weakened grip, suffer with Arthritis or Parkinson's. Or only have the use of one hand.This set comprises of:Scoop Plate and Scoop Bowl - These both have suction bases with shaped sides to assist when dining. The suction base will prevent the aid from slipping or sliding. And the scooped edge will provide a lip when scooping food to the edge. These are especially useful to those with the use of only one hand.Plate Surround - This Plate Surround will fit plates with  8" to 10" diameter. This aid also provides a lip to help get food onto your utensil. The Plate Surround is made from plastic and is quite flexible but sturdy. Easily clips onto the edge of your plate.Suction Based Egg Cup - These egg cups are just like ordinary egg cups but with a suction base. This is simply to prevent your cup from sliding when your eating your egg and soldiers.Nosey Cup - Nosey Cups are ideal for those who have difficulty tilting their heads when drinking. The cut out makes accommodation for your nose, helping you reduce the need to tilt or bend you head and neck.Feeder Beaker With Two Lids - These beakers are supplied with one narrow and one wide spouted lid. The Narrow Spouted lid is suitable to use with think liquids such as water and juice and is similar to a 'sippy cup'. Small amounts of fluid intake at each sip. The Wide Spouted Lid is more compatible for thicker liquids such as pureed food or soups.(OPTIONAL) Large Handled Cutlery Set - A four piece cutlery set compromising of a Knife, Fork, Table Spoon and Teaspoon. All of which feature a large 'easy grip' ribbed handle. These are ideal for those with weak or poor grip due to Arthritis, Parkinson's or limited dexterity problems.This Disability Dining Set is available in either Red or White. The Optional Cutlery Set is available with either Red or Black handles. View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids 

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Antibacterial Locker Set – Polycarbonate > LOCAB

A lightweight and handy set at any bedside table that will help you stay hydrated! The Harfield Antibacterial Locker Set includes four items – a jug, lid, tumbler and small tray. Jug and lid are available in clear colour with a blue tint. The lid and tray come in matching colours – blue or red. All items are made of high quality polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable. The jug and tumbler is also suitable for serving hot drinks if necessary. Harfield’s Biomaster protected tableware is a response to the growing need to do more to tackle disease-causing bacteria and viruses. We can now confirm that Biomaster is active against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. The antibacterial properties of these products prove to be very effective and inhibit the growth of over 50 different species of bacteria by 99.99%. The technology is also effective for the intended lifetime of the product. There is a graduation on the jug every 25ml up to 750ml to help with monitoring of fluid intake.View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids.  

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Arthritis Jar Opener > GH1502

The Arthritis Jar Opener is ideal for those who suffer with weakened grip, Parkinson's, Arthritis and/ or limited dexterity. Compatible with jars with a diameter of up to 9.5cm. The teeth featured on the underside of the opener simply clamp the jar lid and hold it steady whilst you twist the handle, jars become easy and quick to open!Small in size but a definite effective kitchen utensil to have.View our full range of Kitchen Aids.

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Cordless Kettle Tipper > M00122

The Cordless Kettle Tipper is a safe way to make hot drinks by taking the weight of the kettle.The Cordless Kettle Tipper works by your kettle being left in the tipper and filled with a jug or cup.  This enables your kettle to then be tipped with little effort to pour. The kettle is held to the tipper with a hook and loop strap and then clamps on the base.An ideal aid for those who have weakened grip, unsteady hands, suffer with Arthritis or have limited dexterity. A safer way to make a hot beverage.Kettle not included. This kettle tipper is suitable for cordless kettles only.View our full range of Kitchen Aids 

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Food Preparation Board - Workstation > HA-4193

This versatile Food Preparation Board offers independence and safety for those with weak grip, arthritis, who have suffered a stroke or have poor motor skills.The Food Preparation Board will also make preparing food easier for those who can only use one hand. You can peel, cut, slice, grate, spread and clean with this useful food workstation. The easy to use clamp will hold all kinds of food for cutting or slicing, bowls when mixing as well as most sizes of jars and bottles. The spiked grip will hold vegetables or fruit when peeling and bread or meat for slicing. One corner of the board has raised edges to hold a slice of bread.Grating and slicing is made easy with the multi bladed grater and slicing box which can be used on or off the food preparation board. There is also a brush for cleaning.The food preparation board is held firmly in place by four non-slip suction cups that will prevent the workstation from moving. It is made from strong, white plastic with stainless steel spikes and peeling blades. The brush and grater/slicing box are removable for use separately. The board easy to clean and can be washed in warm, soapy water. This food preparation board is not dishwasher safe.Ideal for those who have weak or poor grip, arthritis or use of only one hand.Helps you to retain independence and promote safety in the kitchen.A clamp to grip food, bowls, jars or bottles.Stainless steel spikes hold bread, fruit or vegetables in place.The grater and slicing box can be mounted on the board.High corner guards prevent the bread from moving when being buttered.Four non-slip suction cups prevent the board from moving on wet surfaces.View our full range of Kitchen Aids.

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Height Adjustable Perching Stool With Arms And Backrest > VG835

This portable perching stool with arms and backrest allows users to sit at a comfortable height in the kitchen, bathroom and shower.The soft padded vinyl seats are slightly angled to enable user to sit and rise more easily.The height is adjustable to suit most people. It is made from epoxy coated steel for strength and durability and the seat is heat sealed for easy cleaning.View our full range of Daily Living Aids

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Home Helper Trolley > M03792

The Home Helper Trolley is ideal for use around the home. It is height adjustable and comes with two removable trays, with raised lips to prevent spillages. The lower tray is placed forward on the frame, enabling the user to walk naturally when pushing. It can be assembled without tools, comes with easy-to-follow instructions and secured with snap buttons. The trolley is not be used as a walking aid. All OT Recommended products are tested for their functionality, ease of use, safety and value for money. Browse our full range of Daily Living Aids 

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Jar And Bottle Holder One Handed Gripper - Belly Clamp > HA-4290

This clever jar and bottle opener is ideal for anyone who has poor grip, arthritis or the use of only one hand etc.This Jar And Bottle Opener will help you open jars, bottles, or any kind of condiments with a 'twist' style opening. You can also use this clamp to hold cans and tins giving the user more strength and stability when opening. This apparatus features a lip and rubber feet that help keep it securely in place whilst in use. By leaning against the clamp the user then holds the jar/bottle in place which allows the user to easily open their item with the use of either one or two hands. This tool is really handy for anyone who lives independently and is looking for even more independence in the kitchen. Some people may have to rely on family, neighbours or carers to open up items that are tightly closed. This will allow them to gain more independence and be able to make meals or have beverages without having to wait for someone.View our full range of Kitchen Aids, where you can find a variety of tools to help you live a more independent and safe lifestyle whilst in your kitchen.

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Nail Brush With Suction Cups > BA-7153

This Nail Brush with Suction Cups is ideal if you suffer from Arthritis, have Weakened Grip or Poor Vision. Great for anyone who has difficulty with hand mobility, poor hand co-ordination or just looking for a little more independence.With the two non-slip suction cups on the bottom it makes it ideal to use in your bathroom or by your kitchen sink. The suction cups securely and easily fix onto a flat surface such as tile, ceramic or stainless steel. The lightweight plastic base holds seven rows of 13mm long stiff nylon bristles, resulting in never missing a spot when cleaning again!Either use to clean your pots if you only have the use of one hand or use as a nail brush if you’ve had a busy day out in the garden.View our full range of Daily Living Aids.

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NewBlue Plate

NuHorizons Deep Divided Plate > NHHP-DDP-

This Deep Divided Plate is an ideal eating and dining aid for those who have difficulties eating independently during meal times.Our Deep Divided Plate is ideal if you suffer with poor dexterity, unstable hand co-ordination, arthritis, tremors or have poor vision. Also a reliable choice for those with poor vision. This dining aid will make meal times more enjoyable and easier to dine independently.The plate features three equal sections with high sides. This allows for meals to be divided up into portions making it easy for the user to use. The high sides also enables easy scooping, making it an ideal plate for those who only have the use of one hand.This Deep Divided Plate is is practical for both adults and children. They encourage independent eating, are microwave and dishwasher safe.Available in colours blue or white.View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids. 

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NuHorizons Divider Portion Plate > NHHP-DP-W

A Divider Portion Plate is an ideal eating and dining aid for those who have difficulties eating independently during meal times.Our Divider Portion Plate is ideal if you suffer with poor dexterity, unstable hand co-ordination, arthritis, tremors or have poor vision. Also a reliable choice for those with poor vision. Then this dining aid will make meal times more enjoyable and easier to dine independently.The plate features three sections, two which are the same size and one large section. This allows for meals to be divided up into sections making it easy for the user to use. The high sides also enables easy scooping, making it an ideal plate for those who only have the use of one hand.This Divider Portion Plate is is practical for both adults and children. They encourage independent eating, are microwave and dishwasher safe.View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids 

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Plate Guard - Plate Surround - Disability Eating Aid > HA-4250

A Plate Guard which is curved to prevent food from falling off the plate and can be used as a barrier to push food against when scooping food onto a spoon or fork, ideal for those that use only one hand when eating.The Plate Guard is easy to remove and fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate between 190mm and 254mm in diameter.The Plastic Plate Guard clips securely onto the edge of the plate and is removed just as easily making it an incredibly easy to use eating aid.Ideal for one handed eating.Prevents food from falling off the plate.Easy to fit on and take off.Available in either Red or WhiteView our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids

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Scoop Bowl Or Plate - Shaped Bowl And Plate To Aid Independent Dining > HA-4248/4249

The Large Scoop Bowl and Plate are designed as a dining aid (or kitchen aid) to help users with limited dexterity, particularly those with one hand.These useful Scoop Bowl and Plate feature a non-slip suction base and is especially shaped on one side. This design is to make it easier for the user to scoop food into a spoon or onto a fork. Ideal for those who only have the use of one hand. The suction base will prevent the plate/bowl from sliding allowing the user to eat independently with ease and confidence.Both the plate and the Bowl is available in either Red or White.Suitable to use in the Microwave and dishwasher safe.View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids

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Shine Weighted And Bendable Cutlery > HA-43

This range of cutlery from Shine is especially designed to aid those who have difficulty gripping utensils during meal times.The Weighted Cutlery feature wide handles making them easy to grip and hold. With a detachable strap, this is a useful aid for anyone who suffers with hand tremors. Use the strap to hook around the users wrist to offer even more stability and control.This range of cutlery also offers the option of each piece of cutlery being weighted. This means the user can have full control when dining and the weights make your hand more stable which reduces the inconvenience caused by hand tremors. These weights can be easily adjusted to suit each individual. You simply pull the handle off and insert the weights into the slots.All pieces of cutlery (except the Knife) also has the ability to bend. They can be bent left or right, according to each users needs. This is an ideal feature for those with limited wrist movement or for one handed diners.We also offer you the option to purchase this range of cutlery with or without weights. When purchasing WITH weights, each piece of cutlery is supplied with 10 weights.View our full range of Cutlery

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Two Handled Plastic Feeding Cup With Wide or Narrow Spout > CD3316

The two-handled drinking mug encourages independent living among patients.This Two Handled Plastic Feeding Mug is supplied complete with two attachable, water-tight lids. Each lid comprises a fixed feeding spout to aid the intake of food or liquid. One of the lids features a narrower spout measuring 3mm in diameter that is suitable for liquid consumption whilst the second lid is wider, measuring 10mm in diameter, and is suitable for the intake of thicker fluids such as soups. Both lids are supplied with a small hole that makes for simple fluid control.With two handles, the feeding mug is ideal for users who suffer from poor motor skills, weak coordination, Parkinson's Disease, or tremors.The polypropylene feeder beaker is graduated with markings every 50ml, useful for fluid record taking. It is also autoclavable and dishwasher safe.We recommend you do not use boiling liquids in these cups to reduce the risk of user scalding themselves. View our full range of Eating & Drinking Aids 

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Uccello Kettle Black and White Pouring

Uccello Kettle | Kettle Tippers > PO5953

The Uccello Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time.The Uccello Kettle was specifically designed for those with limited reach, mobility, dexterity and strength.The Uccello Kettle is unlike other kettles or kettle tippers, the circular shape moves around the body of water to create a smooth and effortless pour so you don’t have to lift, strain or balance- simply tilt to pour!Safe and elegant assistive technology that makes handling boiling water safely, seem effortless.Available in colours Black, White, Black and White, Red and White.General Specification.Tilt to pour technology.Stainless steel heating element with British safety technology and control.Auto shut-off with overheating protection.Ergonomic handle for easy lifting and pouring.Removable stainless steel anti-scale filter.Water level indicator.Power-on light.Sturdy base with non-slip feet.Quiet boiling. Kettle MaterialsPolypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer.The entire kettle body is BPA free.Element & controls: Stainless Steel.Technical Specifications.1. Litres capacity.60/60Hz.1850-2200 Watts.220-240 Volts

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Universal Built Up Handle > HA-4990

The Universal Built Up Handle is designed to assist those with limited grasping ability.Our Universal Built Up Handle is a great aid if you suffer with Weakened Grip, Poor Sight, Arthritis or other similar conditions. And struggle to hold thin, narrow or small handled objects and items.You can use the Built Up Handles on household items such as cutlery, pencils, combs, your toothbrush and even your tools. With an ergonomic design it helps reduce discomfort of holding most objects with small diameters. This aid encourages you to live a more independent lifestyle and helps with those everyday tasks you may struggle with independently.Very simple to use, there are two slots with different shapes, flat and a star shape on both sides. Simply slide the handle of your desired object through the slot which fits best. Push your object to the end to the other side. Due to the flexibility of the grip opening it securely holds your items in place. Allowing you to have a better grip when in use.One Pack Contains 2 Universal Built Up Handles.Does NOT Include Utensils pictured.View our full range of Daily Living Aids.

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