Mobility Scooter Bags

Crutch Bag For Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters > VA132SS/V1

The Wheelchair Crutch Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly onto the rear of most standard wheelchairs with pram handles, and many electric scooters too, provides a generous zipped storage space for coats or jackets, shopping, medication and snacks, etc.It also features a zipped rear compartment and two deep pockets on the front, one with a flap closed with 'hook and loop tape'; these are ideal for your umbrella, walking stick or other items. The Wheelchair Crutch Bag is a practical and affordable wheelchair accessory and enables wheelchair users and their carers to safely carry more, while keeping their hands free.It is water resistant and features a large zipped top closure for ease of use. There is a sturdy carry handle on the top of the bag, fixed loops on either side, which easily slip over the pram handles on the wheelchair, and adjustable straps with buckles for flexible fastening options. Raised rubber feet on the base keep the bottom of the bag dry when it's resting on the floor.Generous storage space for coats, shopping, medication, snacks, etc.Large zipped top closure plus long pockets for crutches, walking sticks, etc.Fits standard wheelchairs with pram handles.Enables wheelchair users and carers to safely carry more.Raised rubber feet keep the base of the bag dry.View our full range of Wheelchair Bags 

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NuHorizons Oxygen Bottle Carrier > NHHP-OBC

NuHorizons Oxygen Bottle Carrier is suitable to use on wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and rollators.Our Oxygen Bottle Carrier is strong, hardwearing and durable which will help you in transporting your oxygen cylinder safely and securely. The carrier simply fastens onto your walking/mobility aid with the attached adjustable straps. These straps are made from strong webbing material with clips to ensure your oxygen tank will always be protected and secure when traveling.Featuring a detachable pouch which is suitable to use for your oxygen face mask, use this bag anywhere and anytime. The carry handle is useful if you are walking without a walking aid.Secure fastenings ensure your oxygen bottle will stay upright and in position at all times. This carrier also features an 'easy access' front which is made with hook and loop technique. This makes it ideal for those who may struggle with gripping small fastenings such as your usual zips or buttons.These carriers are compatible with cylinder types DD and PD.View our full range of Mobility Scooter Accessories & Wheelchair Accessories.

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Scooter Basket Liner Bag & Cover > PR34059

A Basket Liner Is A Great Accessory for your Mobility Scooter!This flexible Scooter Basket Liner and cover doesn't just keep your belongings dry. It can also be used as a small bag. With its elasticated edges it fits most Mobility Scooter baskets with a secure, snug fit. Also featuring a fold away lid that closes to protect and hide your belongings or shopping. Features two easy-carry handles which allows it to also be used as a small shopping bag. The bag also includes reflective strip for safety.Available in medium or a large size. These are ideal for the larger Mobility Scooters.Medium: 30cm x 16cm / Large: 33cm x 25cmView Our Full Range Of Mobility Scooter Accessories.

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Splash Crutch/Walking Stick Bag For Wheelchairs & Scooters > PR34051

This durable crutch bag is a great accessory for your Wheelchair and Mobility Scooters to help carry your walking sticks or crutches. This Crutch Bag features two side sleeves which will carry your sticks or crutches safely and securely. The bag also have one large main compartment which can store all your other personal belongings. Additionally there is a small zipped front pocket and also a front net pocket. This bag has plenty of space to store your shopping and other bits and bobs when out and about. For added safety there is a reflective strip across the bag. Available in either a modern black or grey colour. If you tend to use your Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair at darker times of the day or night then we also provide a Hi-Vis choice of bag too in the standard size. Size: 37x43x10cm. These bags are suitable and will fit most wheelchairs and mobility scooters. .This range also has a 'GIANT' Version of the bag, available in black. It has all the same features as the other but is relatively larger. Even more space to store your belongings Size: 37 x 51 x 15cm.View our full range of Mobility Aids where you can find a huge range of bags suitable for both/either Mobility Scooters, Walking Frames, Rollators and Wheelchairs.

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Splash Scooter Bag > PR34052

A great choice of Mobility Scooter Bags, these strong durable bags are ideal for most Scooters. Featuring one large main compartment to store your larger items such as your coat or lunch box. And a small zipped front pocket which is ideal to hold your valuables such as your phone or wallet. You can also store your drinks bottle securely in one of the side netted pockets. For added safety these bags feature a reflective strip across the bag to make other pedestrians and road users aware you are up ahead. These bags are available in a choice of Black, Grey or Hi-Vis. The High Visibility bag is great if you tend to use your scooter at darker times of the day.The standard bag size measures 37 x 43 x 10cm. 16 Litre capacityAlso available in a 'GIANT' size, which is 75% larger than the standard bag and has a capacity of 28 Litre capacity which measures 37 x 51 x 15cm.  The 'Giant' bag is only available in colours Black.View our full range of Mobility Scooter Accessories

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Splash Slipover Scooter Bag > PR34057

A Slipover scooter bag is probably one of the easiest and most effective bags you could possibly use on your mobility scooter. To use this handy Mobility Scooter bag, it simply slips over the back of your scooter seat. And there you have it - no belts or fastenings to attach.  This bag is very durable and features one main compartment. There is plenty of room in the bag to put your personal belongings, lunch or your coat when on days out. There are also two carry handles so that the bag can be used as a shopping bag when off the scooter. For added safety, the piping is reflective. This bag is available in either Black, Grey or Hi-Vis. The Hi-Visibility option is great if you tend to use your Mobility Scooter in the evening or at night times.Not suitable for Mobility Scooter seats which feature head rests such as a captains seat.Size of bag: 42 x 36 x 15 cm.View our full range of Mobility Scooter Accessories.

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Torba Go Premium Scooter and Wheelchair Bag > PR34060

These deluxe range of bags are all about space! If you're looking for a BIG bag to fit onto your wheelchair or mobility scooter, look no further. Fitting easily onto most wheelchairs and mobility scooters these Big Bags are made from premium waterproof fabric which helps keep all your personal belongings safe and dry. Featuring a large main compartment boasting an expandable base, which increases the capacity by 25%. This bag is a BIG bag which is great to use when going shopping or going to the gym. There's even more places to store your belongings with the additional top pocket, an inner pocket and two mesh side pockets. The mesh side pockets are great to hold your drinks bottle.The bag also has Smart tuck pockets to hold crutches or a walking stick, folding away when not in use to preserve the sleek lines of the bag. And with large zip fobs, it makes it really easy for the user to grip and use the zip independently.For added safety the bags piping are reflective, these offer a discreet yet effective way of increasing the users visibility at night and in bad weather.View our full range of Mobility Aids, here you can find a huge choice Mobility Scooter Bags and Wheelchair bags.

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Torba Luxe Premium Mobility Scooter Bag > PR34061

The Torba Luxe Premium range of bags are suitable to use on most Mobility Scooters.This range of Torba Luxe Premium Mobility Scooter bags fit easily onto your scooter. The bags are made from a premium waterproof fabric which helps protect your belongings in all weathers.The main compartment is very spacious with the ability to expand its capacity by and additional 25%. The bag comes complete with an additional top pocket, inner pocket in the main compartment, two side pockets and two front pockets. All these pockets are extra secure storage to store smaller personal belongings such as phones, wallets, papers and more. This is the perfect bag for your mobility scooter that you can't do without.View our full range of Mobility Scooter bags.

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