Mobility Scooters

We have a great choice of Mobility Scooters to choose from in our stores which are based in Bridlington and Driffield on the East Coast. From Travel (Boot) Scooters to the larger range which are sometimes known as Road Scooters.

We can offer Part Exchange on the scooters we have in store. If you are looking for one that’s new or pre-owned for yourself, family or friends, look no further. We are proud to say that we offer excellent customer service, after care and are available for any concerns or queries about the product you have purchased from us.

Because we are only a small team, it would not be beneficial for us to be able to deliver these scooters to a far away distance. We can only deliver Scooters within a 30 mile radius, doing this still allows us to carry out our excellent customer service. As part of our service, we do like to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the product and knows how to, confidently and safely, use the Scooter before we leave you with your purchase. We can also arrange for your scooter to be picked up from us in-store on Hilderthorpe Road in Bridlington.

Please Note – Images of Scooters and Powerchairs shown on this page may not be the actual product we have in stock.

This page is only for descriptive purposes only. Mobility Scooters cannot be purchased online, for up to date prices and availability please get in touch - thankyou.