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NuHorizons Crutch Bag > NHHP-CB

This Crutch Bag is brought to you by our new brand, NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. All products are made, right here in the UK.A Crutch Bag is a great accessory for you to have if you use crutches. If you use two crutches you don't have your hands free to carry anything, so we've come up with a design that makes it possible for you to carry small items when using your crutches.They simply attach the your crutch handle with two hook and loop fastenings and onto your crutch stick using the same method. They feature two pockets, one on either side of the bag. The pockets measure 20cm x 15cm and the other 17cm x 15cm. Both suitable to carry your phone, remote, tablets, small drink and much more.View our full range of Walking Aids.What Our Customers Have Said"Swift fast delivery. Some crutch bags don`t secure very well, but this one is perfect. It has 2 compartments for storing my glasses case with the other side for a carrier bag, bottled water & meds. It is secure by the handle of the crutch, but another tie that is secured with Velcro around the bottom, stopping the bag from swaying. Good vibrant colours & very well made 10/10" - Amazon 

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NuHorizons Crutch Handle Cover - Padded Cover For Crutch Handles - Single Or Pairs > NHHP-CHC

Our Padded Crutch Handle Cover is designed to add a little more comfort when using your crutches. Making, using crutches a lot more bearable for you to use.This range of Crutch Handle Cover are from our new brand, NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. All products are made right here in the UK. This handle cover is available in two different styles. A simple slip over or a hook and loop fastening option.Made from 100% Polyester cover over 100% polyester wadding, the covers will help ease the pressure on your hands and stop any discomfort on the palms of your hands. Available to purchase as a pair or as a single unit.View our full range of Crutches & Accessories

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NuHorizons Folding Walking Stick Carry Bag > NHHP-FWCB

This Folding Walking Stick Carry Bag is brought to you by our new brand, NuHorizons Healthcare Products® All products are made right here in the UK. All our care, attention to detail and thoughts have been put into the design and manufacturing of these brand new products.A bag to hold your Folding Walking Stick, handy to have to hand for when you need to store your walking aid. You'll always be ready to store away your stick. Able to fit inside a normal bag for when not in use. But when needed, simply pull it out and pop in your folding walking stick.This bag prevents your walking stick from being in the way and causing possible trips and falls. Keeps your stick clean and safe. A handy carry handle so can be worn over the shoulder or popped inside another bag. No fiddling about with zips or buttons, the fastening is a simple hook and loop, so easy to use. The reverse of this bag also features a Belt Loop for alternate fastening.Compatible with most folding walking sticks. Please check the measurements of this bag and your Folding Walking Stick - when folded - that they are compatible.View our full range of Walking Aids & Accessories.PLEASE NOTE: THIS LISTING IS FOR THE CARRY BAG ONLY. IT DOES NOT COME SUPPLIED WITH A WALKING STICK.

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Walking Stick Handle Covers (Single/Pair) > NHHP-WSHC

Walking Stick Handle Covers are brought to you by NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. Where all products from this range are designed and manufactured, right here in the UK.These Walking Stick Handle Covers will help protect the palm of your hand when using Walking Sticks. If you use a Walking Stick on a regular basis, over time you may begin to notice the effects of using these aids on your hands. You may begin to feel pain or discomfort from the continued use of your Walking Aid.These cushioned covers will help protect your hands and you will have a more comfortable experience when using your stick. Made from Fire Retardant Polyester and filled with a Polyester wadding. These are not a 'bulky' cover that would make holding your Walking Stick Difficult. Designed and manufactured with just the right amount of wadding so you are still able to have a firm grip and stability of your walking aid. Simply wrap around your walking stick handle and fasten with the 2 Hook and Loop Fasteners.View our full range of Walking Aids

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