Office Chair Cushions

Office Chair Cushion by Putnams - Sero Pressure Cushions > SPCO

This cushion is shaped to fit modern office chairs and will help relieve back pain caused by long periods sat at your desk.Using Putnams Office Chair Cushions will guarantee that sitting in a chair has never been so comfortable.Integral pockets allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, while the high profile foam helps to relieve numbness and relieves pressure points.Sero pressure relief cushions are also indispensable during the natural healing process.They have zipped covers which also can be hand washable and have a carrying handle.Available cut outs are:a) Coccyx - Which relieves the pressure at the base of the spine while sitting.b) Bonyparts - Which help relieve pressure to the ischial tuberosities area while sitting.c) Polo - Which help relieve pressure to sensitive areas while sitting (removable cut out).d) Dr Huff - Which help with postnatal pain relief while sitting. All these cushions have a 2 year guarantee. View our full range of Putnams Cushions 

£35.83with VAT relief£43.00incl. VAT

Putnams Lumbar Roll - Back Support With Strap > RL4/5/D

Putnams Lumbar Rolls are made from a high density orthopaedic foam, designed and manufactured in the UK. These Lumbar Rolls help to support your lumber region and counteracts slouching when sitting at home, the office or even in the car or Mobility Scooter.  Lumber supports are ideal to use to help prevent slouching and offer a firm support to the lower back. If you are someone who sits for long periods either for work, lifestyle or injury etc, these will help ease back pain and supports the body by creating a natural 'S' shape of the spine.Made from superior 50 grade foam for extended durability and available in three different sizes/shapes in a variety of colours.

£26.24with VAT relief£31.49incl. VAT