Pressure Care

Our Pressure Care Products cater for people who would just like a little more comfort whilst sitting or laying in bed or to users that need products to help reduce the risk of pressure sores.

We have a wide range of Pressure Care products available. From Hand and Foot Care to Pressure Relief and Bed Wedges.

As we get older our body begins to weaken, resulting in weaker skin. Our skin is more likely to break if being in the same position for long periods without turning or having the correct pressure care equipment in place. Our products don't just aim towards the elderly. You may have suffered an accident or become ill and need to rest to recover. Without the correct pressure care your skin can start to break which can result to infection if not treated correctly. Taking care of your skin is very important, no matter what age you are.

For users who are 'High Risk' for Pressure Sores, we would recommend memory foam and gel cushions. We can also offer mattresses and toppers. Whether your disability means you spend all day sat in a wheelchair or in bed for extended periods of time, comfort and pressure care is essential.

Pure wool has many benefits with them being comfortable, warm and natural. We provide this in the shape of heel protectors, bed fleeces and wheelchair fleeces. Our range of cushions and mattress toppers come from Putnams, a leading supplier of pressure care products.