Reading and Writing Aids


Aidapt Wall Mounted Weatherproof Key Safe > VM844B

This Wall Mounted Key Safe from Aidapt is a safe, secure, affordable and weather resistant item which is suitable for outdoor use - all year round.Quick and easy to fit with the supplied fixings which provides a secure place to store a spare key for your home, car or garage. An ideal solution if you accidentally lock yourself out or need a neighbour/friend or service provider to have access to your home whilst you're away. Featuring a four digit combination lock with a weather shield it is easy to use and set up. You can set the security with your own choice of code combination, full instructions are supplied.View our full range of Daily Living Aids 

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Alerta Gas Lift Overbed Table > ALT-GL-O/W

The Alerta Gas Lift Overbed Table features an easy lift handle to adjust the table height with minimal effort. It is finished in oak or walnut and comes with brakes on the two rear castors.The table has a laminate top and comes with a wheelchair accessible base design. An ideal over table to be used whilst sitting in chairs or whilst in bed. The max weight capacity is 15kg. The height adjustment range is 80-105cm.Table top dimensions is 80 x 40cm. Features rear castors, easy lift height adjustment and won't topple over even with 15kg on top!Please allow 2-3 working days for deliveryView our full range of Bedroom Aids   

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Deluxe Comfort Grip Magnifier with 6 LED Lights > VM966M

The Deluxe Comfort Grip Handheld Magnifier features 6 high output LED lights. Ideal for reading, hobbies, crafts, maps and more. This lightweight gadget is easy to travel with and can be used at home or when out and about. The Handheld Magnifier features 4x magnification. Requires 2x AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)View our full range of Reading & Writing Aids

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Folding Reading Stand - Book Holder > RA-6140

This Folding Reading Stand is ideal for those who find it difficult to hold books or magazines with a steady hand when wanting to read.To use the Folding Reading Stand you simply stand the book or magazine in the holder and read. All you need to do is turn the pages. This aid is ideal for those who suffer with Arthritis, hand tremors or weakened grip. The stand can be folded easily for storage or if you are travelling.This compact reading aid also features a clip which helps keep pages open on larger books. The tips of the stand have rubber ends, this is to prevent the stand from sliding when placed on smooth surfaces. Our Folding Reading Stand can also be used as a cooking book holder. Ideal to have in the kitchen, the clip will ensure you recipe page stays put and you won't have to keep picking up your cook book.You can sit back and enjoy your reading material in peace when using this handy Folding Reading Stand.View our full range of Reading & Writing Aids

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Grab On Pen & Pencil Grips > PR70030

These Pen and Pencil Grips will help reduce fatigue caused by writing pressure.Our Pen and Pencil Grips are made from a spongey pad which provides a comfortable, nonslip grip. These are suitable to use on most standard sized pens or pencils. An ideal aid for those with poor or weakened grip, the gripper will help the user have a steady and more comfortable grip when writing or drawing. Also a great accessory when helping children to learn how to write. Gives the child more stability and comfort when using their first pencils.Made from a soft flexible foam. These Pen Grips are available in a variety of colours. Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Yellow. Each Grip measures (L) 4.5cm x (D) 1cm. Available in packs of 4 or 24. Please Note - Colours in either pack will vary, there will be an assortment of different colours in each pack.View our full range of Reading & Writing Aids

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Pen Grips - Pack Of 3 > RA-6110

These Pen Grips are made from a soft and comfortable PVC material which provides a more secure grip when placed over pens and pencils.The Pen Grips are a flexible triangular shaped grip which fits easily over the pen or pencil to assist with stability when writing.These soft and pliable Pen Grips are really easy to use, simply slide them over the end of the pen or pencil to be used and position for comfort. The increased diameter given by adding the Pen Gripper, and its high friction non slip surface, makes holding and controlling the pen or pencil far easier for the user. Pen Grippers will fit and work with most standard diameter pens and pencils.View our full range of Reading & Writing Aids.

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Putnams Memory Foam Kneeling Posture Chair > CHP

Putnams design of this orthopaedic chair promotes good posture naturally by tilting the pelvis forward and in doing so correcting the spine into a natural and painless shape. The Visco Memory foam top layer provides cushioning for improved pressure distribution.The memory foam coccyx posture chair is ideal to help support and provide comfort for the following: Coccyx injury, coccydynia (tailbone pain), post back / spinal injury, scoliosis, pilonidal sinus, osteoporosis, coccyx-bruising, protecting the bottom of spine against pressure sores, post hip surgery, arthritis pain, travel, pain associated with pregnancy, damaged discs/facet joints in lower back.A perfect piece of equipment to use if working from home, use whilst sitting at a desk, this kneeling stool is the answer for good posture and correctly aligning your spine for fatigue-free sitting. Voted "Best chair when sitting for long periods".Beech natural wood frame (FSC certified wood from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.)Available in black, blue, grey & beige. This chair comes in two options - Coccyx cut-out for reduced pressure at the base of the spine ideal for injured or bruised coccyx (we would only recommend a coccyx cut-out if you have existing pain at the base of the spine or a coccyx injury, if not you can purchase the standard version.This orthopaedic chair is ready assembled on a sustainable FSC beech frame and are fully adjustable at two points allowing maximum comfort for both short and tall users. One adjustment for your height (distance between seating and kneeling pad, via allen key) and the other for the height of desk you are sat at (the larger wooden "hammer").Please note: There is a lead time of 1-5 days after your order is placed as every posture chair is made by hand in Putnams factory in Devon, UK.

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Universal Built Up Handle > HA-4990

The Universal Built Up Handle is designed to assist those with limited grasping ability.Our Universal Built Up Handle is a great aid if you suffer with Weakened Grip, Poor Sight, Arthritis or other similar conditions. And struggle to hold thin, narrow or small handled objects and items.You can use the Built Up Handles on household items such as cutlery, pencils, combs, your toothbrush and even your tools. With an ergonomic design it helps reduce discomfort of holding most objects with small diameters. This aid encourages you to live a more independent lifestyle and helps with those everyday tasks you may struggle with independently.Very simple to use, there are two slots with different shapes, flat and a star shape on both sides. Simply slide the handle of your desired object through the slot which fits best. Push your object to the end to the other side. Due to the flexibility of the grip opening it securely holds your items in place. Allowing you to have a better grip when in use.One Pack Contains 2 Universal Built Up Handles.Does NOT Include Utensils pictured.View our full range of Daily Living Aids.

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