Toilet Aids


Alerta Aqua Shower Commode Chair - Multi-Purpose Chair > ALT-SC150

The Alerta Aqua chair combines 3 chairs in 1, performing seamlessly as a shower chair, a commode chair and a transfer chair. The Alerta Aqua chair can be used as a shower chair providing real confidence and independence. Not only can it be used as a shower chair, it can also be used as a commode chair maximising value and space. The Alerta Aqua chair can also be used as a transfer chair making it easy to move around quickly.The pot can be removed and the chair can be wheeled to the toilet, making this a very easy to use toileting chair. This type of chair is manufactured from easy to clean plastic coated steel making it simple to clean and easy to maintain. The Alerta Aqua is stylish and effortlessly manoeuvrable.Benefits from a five position footrest, suitable for the user's requirements. Saves on costs due to three chairs in one design. Ideal chair for use in any care environment. Removable arms to provide easy side transfers. Please allow 2-3 working days for deliveryView our full range of Bathroom Aids

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Alerta Commode & Transfer Chair > ALT-1200

The Alerta Commode & Transfer Chair comes with drop down armrests, swing away detachable footrests, arm pads and rear brakes, with wipeable PVC seat and back. The Alerta Commode and Transfer chair is useful for someone who needs helps going to the toilet due to illness, injury or disability. Benefits from 4 solid steel 5" swivel castors to allow easy transport to the bathroom or shower.Featuring a wipeable PVC seat and back to keep a clean environment for the patient. This commode chair provides the user with confidence and independence.Please note delivery may take up to 2-3 days.  View our full range of Bathroom Aids

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Alerta Raised Toilet Seat - 2, 4 or 6 inches > ALT-BE00

A convenient and ergonomically designed raised toilet seat. Will assist those who have difficulties bending down or standing up from a low raised toilet.This toilet seat raiser will increase your toilet height by either 2, 4 or 6 inches. Enabling easy toileting access, which then assists in independent living. This is an ideal aid to use at home or in nursing and hospital settings as its so easy to fix onto the toilet. And just as quick to remove for when not needed.Easy to fix onto your toilet and easy to remove when not in use.No screws or tools required.Maximum weight capacity - 200KG.Designed to fit the majority of most UK toilet bowl shapes.Colour - White.View our full range of Toileting Aids.

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Alerta Stacking Commode With Adjustable Height > ALT-BE009

The Alerta Stacking Commode is neat, practical and height adjustable. The Alerta Stacking Commode is manufactured from powder coated tubular steel and comes with a comfortable padded upholstery on the seat and back, which is heat sealed allowing it to be cleaned without the risk of water ingress and reduce the possibility of bacteria build up. The toilet seat is oval shaped with a clip on/clip off design. A rubber buffer sits in the seat to avoid seat abrasion against the frame. The commode holds a 5 litre round potty.With a padded seat and back providing maximum comfort for the user. The Alerta Stacking commode benefits from seat height between 45-60cm to suit the individuals requirements. The Alerta Stacking Commode provides confidence and independence. The commode is stackable so is great for storage and maximises space. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery from date of dispatch.View our full range of Bathroom Aids

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Economy Drop Down Toilet Rail With Leg > M48465

A Economy Drop Down Toilet Rail which features a leg to offer maximum support and stability.This Economy Drop Down Toilet Rail provides support when using the bathroom facilities. If you struggle to raise up or down when using the toilet, this rail will assist in providing you with support and stability.This toilet rail fixes easily onto your wall (fixtures not included) and features a drop down leg which provides maximum security. Made from a epoxy coated steel, this is a safe and reliable toileting aid which makes your bathroom environment easier to negotiate. The height adjustable toilet rail also folds away for when not in use.Please Note - As the mounting substrate can vary considerably, we do not supply fixings. Please ensure the chosen fixings are fit for purpose and are compatible with both the product and the mounting substrate. If in doubt, please contact a suitably qualified person.View our full range of Toileting Aids & Fall Prevention Aids.

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Essex Height Adjustable Commode Chair > VR161

The Essex Commode Chair is height adjustable and stackable. A neat and practical commode chair manufactured to exacting standards and suitable for use as a commode in the bedroom or the bathroom.An ideal solution for those recovering from illness/operations who struggle to get to the toilet. The Essex Commode Chair comes complete with a 5 litre bucket with lid and a padded over seat. This seat is also supplied for discretion purposes for when not in use. The upholstery of the commode is well padded and is vinyl welded to reduce the possibility of bacteria build up.Available fully assembled or flat packed.View our full range of Toilet Aids 

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Female Urinal With Lid & Handle > BA-7245

Designed with the female anatomy in mind. This urinal is suitable to use at home or in a hospital or nursing environment.These Female Urinals are autoclavable, which means they are suitable to use in a hospital setting. These are shaped and designed for comfort and ease of use. The translucent colour allows for users to see and record urine output using the 1 litre calibrated capacity on the side of the urinal. This type of Urinal can be used whilst the user is sitting, standing or laying down. Featuring a fitted lid it and handle, these features will help prevent any spillages occurring during transportation of the urinal.Use this Female Urinal at home or when travelling. Also suitable to be autoclaved, making it extremely useful for any type of hospital  settings.View our full range of Urine Bottles & Accessories

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Linton Plus Raised Toilet Seat > M531

The Linton Plus raised toilet seat is available in a 2" or 4" raise. Secured to the toilet with two easy to fit adjustable brackets.The Linton Plus Toilet Raiser features cut outs at both front and rear to enable easier personal cleansing. Reducing less pressure on the coccyx. The seat has a smooth and subtle contoured surface for added comfort and slopes slightly from front to back to assist when lowering and raising from the toilet.The raised seat is made from durable lightweight plastic and the seams are sonic welded to ensure a strong and consistent finish. The seat is easy to clean, it can also be autoclaved at 73°C, making it ideal for hospital settings. This range of Toilet Seat Raiser is made from a plastic which is resistant to stains and odour.View our full range of Toilet Aids

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Locomotor Hammock Sling

The Hammock Sling gives a full body support and is particularly appropriate for amputees. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, with or without toileting aperture. Please note this item may take up to 4-5 working days for delivery.View our full range of Transfer & Positioning Aids

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Locomotor Hammock Sling

The Hammock Sling gives a full body support and is particularly appropriate for amputees. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, with or w...

Locomotor Toileting Sling

The Toileting Sling is quilted throughout to provide maximum comfort, while at the same time allowing access to remove clothing for toileting purposes. Now provided with a non-slip waistband. Various sizes available, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.  Please note this item may take up to 4-5 working days for delivery.View our full range of Transfer & Positioning Aids  

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Melton Raised Toilet Seat > G30950

The Melton Raised Toilet Seat has a sloping contoured seat that offers comfort as well as support and includes a rear cutaway for the coccyx. A front cutaway allows easier personal cleaning. Fitting the Melton raised toilet seat is easy with plastic screw fit brackets including a front bracket for added security. May be autoclaved on cleaning cycles up to 73°C. These seats will be damaged if subjected to temperatures over 90°C.View our full range of Toilet Aids 

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Senator Raised Toilet Seat > VR223

A Senator Raised Toilet Seat is the perfect addition if you find it difficult to lower yourself or rise from a toilet seat, helping to make toileting a simple task not a struggle.The Senator Raised Toilet Seat will help you retain your independence and dignity when toileting. You will not need to rely on others to help you in the one place we all prefer our privacy. The Senator raised toilet seat has a raise of 4". The seat is ergonomically shaped for comfort and to aid hygiene, the Senator toilet seat raiser has a front and rear cut out to aid personal cleaning.This toilet seat raiser will fit most British toilet bowls and is easily fitted via adjustable brackets. No tools required. The adjustable brackets and front skirt are rubberised to offer maximum stability and grip. A 30 stone user weight limit makes this a strong, sturdy toilet seat suitable for most people.The Senator Raise Toilet Seat offers excellent value for money and is also available with a lid.Ergonomically designed for comfort.190 kg (30 stone) user weight limit.Coloured hand wheels to assist the partially sighted. Easy to clean.Raised toilet seats are just one of many disability toileting aids we offer. A toilet seat raiser can be used with simple grab bars or a full toilet surround to make toileting a simple task, not a struggle. There are many aids available to help you keep your independence and dignity as well as improving safety when toileting.With or without lid options available.View our full range of Toilet Aids 

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VernaGel - Super Absorbent Powder > 456MA475

VernaGel is a super absorbent polymer which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids, whilst still being able to be disposed of in a safe and efficient way.VernaGel solidifies bodily fluids, this prevents any spillages particularly when the bedpan or bottle is taken from the patient. Cross infection can occur when bodily fluids spill onto beds, floors or onto other patient or equally when bedpans and urinals are taken to the sluice room. Soaking wet beds are not nice to wake up to and the cleaning required can also be very time consuming and inconvenient for the nurse/caregiver. VernaGel solidifies liquids eliminating spillages and splash backs thus increasing patient confidence and protecting the dignity of your patient through the night.Trials carried out in four hospitals confirmed that by preventing spills VernaGel could save an average ward 135 days a year in nurse time and £2,600 a year on laundry costs.View our full range of Daily Living Aids

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