Wheelchair Clothing


Aidapt - Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho > VA127-1

This Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho is the ideal garment to provide head to toe protection for you and your wheelchair.Aidapts Waterproof Wheelchair Poncho is a great rain cover to use whilst using your Mobility Aid. The neckline zip means you can take this on or off with ease and the hood offers extra protection from all of the elements. 100% waterproof, this garment will keep you dry head to toe when out and about. Also features handy rear slots to accommodate for the wheelchairs pushing handles. This allows the User to still be able to be pushed by another whilst still wearing this piece of Wheelchair Clothing.A universal sizing with a zip closure you can be sure to stay dry at all times when using this great weather protector. Available in either blue or a fun pink and polka dot pattern, this accessory is made from Polyester with PVC Coating.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing 

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Fleece Lined Wheelchair Cosy > VA129SS

The Thermal Wheelchair Leg Cover is the ideal garment to provide protection from the wind and rain for your lower body and features a fleece-lined back panel for extra comfort and warmth.With an extra large full length ring pull zip to ensure easy access and an extended back panel to prevent draughts to your spine, the Thermal Wheelchair Leg Cover can be put on and taken off with ease and is designed to fit virtually all manual wheelchairs.The perfect wheelchair accessory/garment for wheelchair users who require a high degree of independence. This Wheelchair Cosy is made from 100% waterproof fabric with a polyester fleece lining and has elasticated loops to secure it to the pushing handles.The bottom diameter measures 350mm, Front Length measures 1040mm and the Back Length 1450mm. The foot of the cosy is sealed to help keep feet dry at all times.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing.

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Fleece Lined Wheelchair Mac With Sleeves >VA127ST

This Wheelchair Mac with sleeves is the ideal garment to provide head to toe protection for you and your wheelchair, with soft elasticated cuffs on the sleeves to ensure that there is no chaffing on the skin, a neckline zip so the wheelchair Mac can be put on and taken off with ease. Plus an elasticated skirt for a snug fit and drawstring hood with spring clip fastening.The perfect Wheelchair accessory/garment for wheelchair users to require a high degree of independence and self propel their wheelchair; the Wheelchair Mac with sleeves is made from 100% waterproof fabric with a synthetic fleece lining which provides extra warmth and complete protection from all the elements.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing. 

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NuHorizons Wheelchair Lap Strap >NHHP-LS-

Wheelchair Seat Belts - Add extra safety measures and reassurance for when using your wheelchair.This range of Wheelchair Seat Belts are from our new Brand, NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. All products from this range are made right here in the UK. Our care and attention has gone into making sure you receive a strong, reliable and carefully structured product you can rely on.A seat belt is an excellent addition to any wheelchair, for people of all ages. Offering increased safety and helping to promote confidence for the wheelchair user. This accessory is a 'one piece' strap that we can provide in two lengths. Adjustable lengths with the maximum of either 70" or 90". The 90" is ideal for bariatric wheelchair users. Both of these belts leave sufficient room for any thick coats or blankets.If these sizes don't meet your requirements. Contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.View our full range of Wheelchair Accessories.

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NuHorizons Wheelchair Lap Strap Pad >NHHP-LSP

This lap strap pad is designed to fit most wheelchair lap straps, to help prevent any unwanted rubbing or discomfort.The Lap Strap Pad is part of our new range, NuHorizons Healthcare Products®, we have here at Bayliss Mobility. All products made right here in the UK.  It simply wraps around your wheelchair lap strap (not provided) with 4 hook and loop straps. The purpose of this wheelchair accessory is to help prevent any rubbing and digging that a normal lap strap could normally cause. Not only does it make a lap strap more comfortable to wear. It can prevent any sores or unwanted pressure in this body region.View our own range of Wheelchair Lap Straps. Or take a look at our full range of Wheelchair Accessories.

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Smoking Apron > SAP

This Smoking Apron is fully fire retardant, for use in a room, set a side for smokers or on the terrace.The Smoking Apron is wide enough to cover both knees and arms when sat in a chair whilst leaving no side gaps. Make sure the person you care for is safe and protected when smoking. Ideal for those who live independently or for those who smoke and live in a communal 'No Smoking' building.By using this simple apron you are giving the user their independence and privacy.Fastens simply with press studs at the back of the neck.120cm Wide x 96cm Length.PROBAN®, Flame Retardancy of the fabric meets the requirements of IO 14116: 2015: Index 3, ISO 11S11: 2015: PARA 6.7, ISO 1812: 2015: PARA 6.3 After Industrial Washing in accordance with (ISO 15797 Procedure).View our Full Range of Daily Living Aids.

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Smoking Apron > SAP

This Smoking Apron is fully fire retardant, for use in a room, set a side for smokers or on the terrace.The Smoking Apron is wide enough to cover both...

Splash Wheelchair Apron - Deluxe or Standard > PR34020

What better wheelchair accessory to have than this? This Wheelchair Apron is sure to keep your bottom half warm and dry. The elasticated bottom of this garment fits around the footplates whilst the waist is held in place with straps that can either be fastened around the chair struts or right the way around the chair back. The material used to make these Aprons is fully waterproof and the deluxe features a fur lining for extra warmth and comfort.The Deluxe Wheelchair Apron features a fur lining for that extra bit of comfort. The Deluxe is great if your venturing outdoors during the colder months of the year.Only available as one universal size (Length 100cm) and in Colour Blue.View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing.

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Splash Wheelchair Cosy > PR34021

This Wheelchair Cosy is ideal to use when out and about on colder days, especially if you want a little more protection from the elements. Very quick and easy to put on this Cosy is not only waterproof but fur lined too.The outer fabric if fully waterproof and windproof. The inner lining is a smart yet practical navy fur to cut out the drafts. Featuring a full length zip, this allows easy access he cord pull means you can zip yourself  in without having to bend. The foot panel is tough which will prevent scuffing around the base.Around the waist is a drawstring, this enables you to pull the Cosy tightly around you for extra warmth. The Cosy is held in place by elastic loops over the pushing handles, this also helps prevent you from sliding down the the seat.Available in two sizes: Medium - 110cm (L) x 77cm (W)  /  Large - 125CM (l) X 110cm (W)View our full range of Wheelchair Clothing.

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Wheelchair Fleece With Loops - Wool Pile / Polyester

This wheelchair Fleece With Loops can be used in addition to a blanket over the knees. Ensures the most comfortable seated position in almost any wheelchair.With our Wheelchair Fleece With Loops, you can ensure a comfortable seated position for long periods with this durable and cosy wheelchair cover. Beige colour, wool pile or polyester, fleece arms can be included. Made from 100% pure, thick wool pile, this wheelchair blanket affixes to almost any wheelchair easily, without hassle.Our wheelchair seat covers act like a blanket, as they keep the warmth in, ensuring a comfortable seated position for long periods. This makes it perfect for days out and running errands. Equally, this wheelchair blanket fleece is a great addition to your wheelchair as it means staying in a seated position at home is far more snug and cosy.What’s more, the material is breathable and will absorb the user’s perspiration, meaning that the wheelchair can stay in great condition for longer and the person using the wheelchair will feel fresh and comfortable too. Strong loops hook around the wheelchair handles of most standard manual wheelchairs — if you’re ever in doubt, you can always get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. The durable loops will keep this wheelchair blanket cover in place securely even on uneven or bumpy terrain. Arm covers come attached. Beige colour. Polyester option also available in addition to wool pile. Fully washable. View our full range of Wheelchair Accessories 

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Wheelchair Innertubes 24" > TUBE24

Wheelchair Innertubes which are suitable to fit a wheel size of 24".These Wheelchair innertubes are to be used on pneumatic Wheelchair Tyres with a size of 24". There are 2 sizes to choose from, the difference is the width size.Using the correct innertube on your Mobility Aid will assist in offering excellent levels of grip, longevity and reliability.Sizes available: 24x1, 24x1 3/8Both sizes feature a straight valve with screw top which makes it easy to access for inflation.Available in packs of 1 or 2.View our full range of Wheelchair Accessories.

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